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Why I Bought MetroSunnies Con-Strain™ on Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Why I Bought MetroSunnies Con-Strain™ on Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Before I even placed my order on these items out of my cart, I started thinking why I needed eyewear. The main and obvious reasons would include constantly facing my laptop and my mobile phone due to work. As technology expands and grows, so has eyecare technology. Nowadays, numerous additions have existed to make your eyeglasses better – to protect your eyes and vision. For example, MetroSunnies Con-Strain™ protects your eyes from blue light. 

For a little backstory:

I’ve had migraines ever since I was eight or nine years old. Hot weather, bright lights, and constant loud sounds would trigger my migraines. And, I try to avoid it as much as I can. I drink lots of water and put an ice bag on my head during the summer. Then, I would avoid going to places where I know loud sounds would occur like concerts, parties, and, even…small arguments, lol. Shouting overwhelms me, okay? Don’t judge! 

Although, even when that’s the case, I work in an industry that requires me to remain online. So, I would face my laptop most of the day, writing and editing articles. And, even when I’m done with work, I de-stress through reading e-books on my phone. However, this becomes damaging to my eyes due to the blue light. This, on the other hand, refers to the high-frequency light wave that comes from digital screens. 

My MetroSunnies Haul from Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival

Since I’m always exposed to a high amount of blue light, buying anti-radiation eyewear remains a must. So, I brought two new specs and one sunnies from MetroSunnies during the Shopee 5.5 Brands Festival. I bought these three: King Specs in Bronze, Cassie Specs in Clear, and Dylan Sunnies in Black. The thing is – I chose these three designs because it’s versatile and I can pair it with every clothing I have. Here are my honest opinion and how I plan to style them.

King Specs in Bronze

Recently, I’ve been into browns, beiges, tans, and neutral colors. I even bought a slightly oversized beige sweater vest, brown corduroy pants, and apricot-ish platform heels from Shopee. That’s the main reason why I chose this eyewear in this specific color. That way, when I’m wearing an entire outfit within that color spectrum, it will not look unbalanced. This one had the Con-Strain lenses which I plan to use… every minute of every day. That way, I could avoid damage from the blue light that my digital devices emit. 

Cassie Specs in Clear

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Just as an extra, I bought this eyewear with replaceable lenses. Although it doesn’t have the Con-Strain feature, I can bring this to local optical shops for prescription purposes. Because the frame remains clear, I can totally pair it with every piece of clothing I own. For example, I can wear it with my oversized Harry Styles shirt, white loose trousers with black butterflies on them, and a pair of black platform boots that I also bought from Shopee. 

Dylan Sunnies in Black

Whenever I’d go outside, I would complain about the sun hurting my eyes. So, naturally, I bought a pair of sunglasses to beat the summer heat. These sunglasses have UV400 Protection perfect for days when I have to get out and do errands. Black goes perfectly with anything. And, since I do like wearing black items, I could go for an all-black ensemble. I could wear a black floral dress with puffed sleeves and the same black platform boots from before. 

Every product has a pouch and a microfiber cleaner. Since I bought the Con-Strain™ lenses, I was able to acquire a ripple hard case holder in nude. All in all, I definitely recommend buying MetroSunnies Con-Strain™ from Shopee. Enjoy your screen time and keep your eyes healthy at the same time!

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