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3 Fashion Hacks I’ve Learned During The Quarantine

3 Fashion Hacks I’ve Learned During The Quarantine

For more than a year, fashion has become all but out of date. How do you plan on talking about fashion and fashion hacks… when fashion doesn’t really exist for the moment? Questions remain unanswered as we continue to try and figure out exactly what clothes will mean to us, as of this writing. Recently, in an effort to take lemons and make lemonade – if you will – I reminisced about the lessons that the past year has taught us about fashion. And, of course, with a shocking twist, there were quite a few.

These fashion hacks that I have learned during the quarantine remain universal. So, here are a few:

When in doubt, go for a comfortable monochromatic look. 

Prior to the pandemic, we would buy “real-world” and “workout” clothes. Obviously, that faced a compelte 180. For the first time, we can finally relish in the glory of good, cute, and cozy loungewear while working at home. And, obviously, matching sets reamin at the top of that list for a monochromatic look. Going to the grocery store? Matching set. Staying at the couch for the weekend? Matching set. On a meeting with the boss? Matching set. Even after the quaratine, it became a main player in my rotation – wroking from home or not.

Online shopping size charts exist for a reason. In that case, say no to one-size-fits-all. 

Prior to quarantine, I didn’t like online shopping. I loved going to stores, trying things on, and perusing around the malls. Ordering clothes online sucked that joy right out of me. I love Shopee and all that. But, goodness gracious, does this online stores expect my huge ass to fit in their clothes? Worn by their petite models? Lol, no. Now, I learned to veer away from stores that would advertise their clothes as “free size” or “one size fits all.” The joy has transitioned from in-store to a courier yelling “Shopee delivery!”

Pieces in your closet shouldn’t serve only one purpose. 

The pieces I used to wear to the office have taken a bigger hiatus than they would have in different circumsyances. Clothes look complete different based on how you style them. And, there are also pieces that you only categorize as “business casual” or “fancy brunch.” Now, I’ve learned that I should have a piece that can be used every single occassion. I’ve learned to make old pieces feel brand new as I style them in ways that I ordinarily never would.

Which fashion hacks do you like most? Let us know!

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