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Want to be Spooked? Listen to these Filipino Podcasts on Spotify!

Want to be Spooked? Listen to these Filipino Podcasts on Spotify!

We, Filipinos, always crave something scary and it’s just something that runs in our blood! Good thing, podcasts are now developing new ways to make us on the edge of our seats and we all love it.

Always looking for gory films to watch, spooky books to read, and, of course, spine-chilling podcasts to listen to!

Here are some podcasts, made by us, Filipinos, if you’re wanting to be spooked this Spooky Season.

PH Murder Stories

PH Murder Stories won’t just give us the creeps, it will give us a good scare to!

What’s much spookier than a podcast that showcases true crime cases in our home country, the Philippines?

This podcast is great for beginners who want to dive deep into the field of true crime. The Philippines may look like a friendly country, but in some cases, it holds a deep secret of crimes that we are not yet aware of!

Listen to this show on Spotify and be ready to be horrified by crimes that they have discovered.

Philippine Campfire Stories

This podcast right here has all that we need to be spooked. It has true crime stories, folklore, spiritual sighting, and many more!

Also, the soothing voice of the hosts of this podcast is so good! Imagine listening about aswang and manananggals and the host is narrating as calm as the sea. Heaven!

Listen to this podcast on Spotify and enjoy the stories they have curated.

See Also

Super Evil

This podcast was the one that introduced me to all other podcasts I’ve come to love.

It has 2 seasons only tackling two of the biggest crime stories in the Philippines. Super Evil has given its all when it comes to narrating what happened in the crimes, even including some interviews from the reporters who first responded on the scene.

While we’re waiting for the next seasons to come, listen to the first 2 seasons and be hooked on getting spooked!

Photo Credits to: Electro Wow

What about you? What’s the podcast that scares you the most? Share it with us!

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