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Tusok Studios will be your Tattoo and Piercing Safe Space

Tusok Studios will be your Tattoo and Piercing Safe Space

Queer-owned tattoo and piercing studio, Tusok Studios is comprised of a small team of artists and piercers, that welcome all kinds of people. 

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Face your Fears with Allies and Fellowmen

Yes, tattoos and piercings are sometimes scary, but Tusok Studios are here for you. Filled with young and promising artists, first timers and fear challengers are welcome. Tusok Studios is a complete package to provide girls, gays, and theys with an environment to safely take risks and just explore your limits as they help you decorate your skin with art and jewelry. Other than that, as a queer owned business, Tusok Studios is an easy choice to make for queer people who are anxious to get up close and personal as tattoos and piercings require. It makes it easier to feel comfort in people just like you.

Become a Walking Artwork

To those who say that “your body is a temple” we say “temples need decorating”. It is up to us what we get to do with our own bodies. Want that piercing? Get it at Tusok Studios. Got a tattoo you wanna have? Have it done there as well. We all have our lives to live and a couple of things we have on our bucket lists would probably involve a piercing or two. Furthermore, we probably have meaningful tattoos we wanna have done. Tusok Studios got your back. Their artists are extremely talented with such a finesse to their craft. For instance, beautiful art styles by the artists  are perfect for even the daintiest of tattoos. Additionally, precise curated placement of piercings will suit just about anyone, along with the help of their resident piercers 

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Photo Credits: Instagram

It is great nowadays that more and more things have become mainstream. Long debated as a topic on self respect, tattoos and piercings are now widely appreciated. Why else would you think otherwise right? The capacity to appreciate such a work of art opens you to a world of beautiful personalities with some of the most profound works. As well as a culture that is far from rebellion but a culture of creativity and expressiveness. Such places like Tusok Studios open us up to that form of appreciation with the way they create, as well as the care that they have for their craft. Furthermore, the respect that the studio holds for diversity allows anyone and everyone the ability to appreciate the work they have on their bodies.

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