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4 Different Fragrance Families You Should Know

4 Different Fragrance Families You Should Know

“No elegance is possible without perfume. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory.”

Coco Chanel

Imagine entering a room filled with a crowd. In every stride you make, you notice people glance or stare at you. Is it because of the way you look? What you’re wearing? Probably of what you smell either.

The scenario above tells us how mystique smells can be. Even with just a whiff, it can already catch attention. Scents can also provoke emotional responses and memories. Therefore, smelling our best is a must, especially since we encounter and interact with others daily.

This is attainable when we wear fragrances, which are our best friends. It makes or breaks the whole outfit, set the mood, and creates an impression. It also builds confidence and can be a good accessory. That is why choosing the right fragrance to wear is important.

Identifying the types of fragrances is as important as choosing the right one. It is categorized into four fragrance families. So, what are they? Below is the breakdown, each with its difference that sets them apart.


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Visualize walking in a garden full of welcoming flowers in full bloom in spring. This is the mood that floral fragrances give. It is one of the most common and broadest among all of the families. The common floral notes are rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang.

Floral fragrances are often characterized as feminine, delicate, light, and dainty. This makes it suitable for day-to-night activities, such as school or office work in the morning, and romantic dates in the evening. Channel the sweet, classy spirit with floral fragrances.


Oriental fragrances have a hint of spicy and exotic scent. That is why, this fragrance gives of sensual, seductive, and rich feel. Oriental fragrances are achieved through oriental notes such as cinnamon, bergamot, and vanilla, among others. Perfumes infused with this scent are perfect for flamboyant, all-nighter parties. If you are going for a sexy and regal aura, then oriental ones are right on your alley.


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On the other hand, woody or wood fragrances are in sharp contrast to the floral family. This scent is described as masculine, warm, and strong. The bold scent it delivers is because of notes of sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, and patchouli.

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Last among the fragrance family are fresh scents. Fresh fragrances are clean, crisp, and natural. Among the four, these are the most versatile as it sits between light and strong scents. Citrus and bergamot are notes that build this scent.

These fragrances are fit for casual and cozy occasions and ambiances, such as brunch or coffee outdoors, picnics, quick sunset strolls, or lounging by the beach.

Which of these will you try? Explore more through this link.

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