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Paul Unating Has the Freshest Makeup Looks for you to Try

Paul Unating Has the Freshest Makeup Looks for you to Try

Elmery Paul Unating is a makeup artist that specializes in bridal makeup. Her signature makeup look is truly captivating.

Paul Unating is a Master of No Makeup, Makeup

Photo Credits: Instagram/@onlypaulunating

With a distinct makeup style, it is hard to miss a Paul Unating makeup look. Her signature technique with blush placement and highlight brings a certain radiance out within her clients. Highlighting their best features, whilst maintaining their clients’ natural look. Paul is a truly skillful makeup artist as her clientele varies, with different people with different features. She manages to give them all the complete experience of her signature look. As she brings forth their clients’ natural beauty and radiance. Truly her clients blossom after she is finished with her magic.

A Fresh Face in the Industry

Paul Unating makes bridal dreams come true, giving brides that fresh glow on their big day. Consequently, as a bridal makeup artist, Paul is carrying a lot of weight on her shoulders. As there are expectations to make the clients their most beautiful on their big day. Paul Unating is distinguished inn this field as her foolproof signature look suits her clientele. A little variation here and there, but her distinct style is still evident. Obviously, the looks are all just as beautiful across all her clients. Truly a magician at work, as you can see from the results. 

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Paul Unating Ventures Further

The makeup artist recently launched her own brand Peauty Beauty. Obviously, we can see her feature the products on her own clients. Peauty Beauty produces well performing products as good as her skills. Beautiful shades of blushes are available, perfect for that signature radiant look, for instance. We thank Paul now that she has her own product line. Her fans does not have to look further to figure out what lies behind her signature makeup looks. We obviously adore her skills just as much as her products. Definitely we want to see more from Paul Unating.

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