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This Hostel in Zambales is available for co-working stay

This Hostel in Zambales is available for co-working stay

Make working from home extra peaceful with an indulging stay at this hostel in Zambales that allows you to remotely accomplish your daily tasks in a great and ambient location!
Homebase Hostel is situated in the famous Liwliwa beach in San Felipe. And yes, they understand that a lot of us miss the dose of Vitamin Sea so they’ve once again opened their doors.
Following the health protocols and proper disinfection, they are now offering long-term stays for people who want to work remotely.
In a Facebook post, they shared their new rates for those who want to use their amenities on a monthly basis. This immediately gained clout from netizens, who are all tagging their friends that might be interested!
Book a long term stay for as low as 3,500php / month with internet connection! (Limited slots only)
Mini Kubo Rent – 5,000php / month good for 2 pax
Bunk Bed Rent – 2,500php / month
Gazebed – 2,500php / month
Internet (25mbps) – 1,000php / month
*accommodation rate is inclusive of water and electricity bill
Send us a message for reservation.”
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Due to the current COVID situation, Homebase still wants to ensure the safety of their staff and customers, which is why they are imposing a few guidelines before booking:
1. Only guests from Zambales are allowed to visit the hostel for leisure.
2. Online booking is required before visiting the hostel. Message us on Facebook for reservations.
3. Each guest is required to present travel authority from your LGU and health certificate (you may also bring recent negative rapid or swab test result)
4. Guests from outside Zambales may visit the hostel with complete documents for work-related/non-leisure purposes.
They have also notified the public that there are still checkpoints in SBMA, Subic town, and Zambales town that check if guests have incomplete documents (travel pass, health certificate/rapid or swab test) = no entry.
So if you’re looking for a sign, maybe this is it. Just be safe and responsible though! Follow the process and meditate on this change of scenery.
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