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Front-Seat Foodies munched on our own Pinoy comfort foods

Front-Seat Foodies munched on our own Pinoy comfort foods

Food always leads the way. This is why celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos decided to launch their online series called Front-Seat Foodies. Their love for food and travel eventually became a “passion project” where they have food crawls around Metro Manila. Aside from that, they also have their own soundtrack.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for your hearts to flutter and your cravings to ignite as Gabbi and Khalil entice you with our very own Pinoy comfort foods!

Our favorite one-bowl comfort food

For their first stop, they dig into their all-time-favorite food — goto. Otherwise known as arroz caldo, it is one of the Filipino variants of congee or what we know as lugaw. Goto is a rice porridge made from glutinous rice, beef tripe, and ginger-based broth.

Photo courtesy: Facebook | Goto Monster

“This place has been such a staple restaurant in our relationship.”

The couple shared that the idea of creating the show started at a time when they were eating at the Goto Monster amid the pandemic. The only branch of the restaurant is located at Primo Rivera corner Pablo Ocampo Sr. Extension, La Paz, Makati City.

In their steering wheel tray, they got fresh spring rolls for Php 175, goto bagnet Php 150, goto chicharon bulaklak for Php 150, and tokwa’t bagnet for Php 150. For dessert, they got leche flan ice cream for Php 60.

They said that the prices are more expensive compared to other “gotohan” and that is because of its “premium” ingredients and “big servings.”

A best meal to fill our stomachs with for breakfast and snack!

Timeless and savory on-the-go meals

We usually see these Filipino dishes sold in food carts along street sides. Pares and mami are affordable and on-the-go meals usually for students, workers, and passersby.

In this episode, Gabbi and Khalil went to Jim’s Pares and Mami, which is the place where locals and content creators loved to visit. Established in 1999, the eatery can be found at 1739 Maria Orosa St. Malate, Manila.

Photo courtesy: Facebook | Jim’s Pares Mami

Pares is a tenderized beef brisket with spices and broth, while mami is a savory noodle soup. But, of course, it’s not gonna be our known dish without its pair—rice!

“It’s simple. It’s so straightforward.”

For only Php 280, they ordered two bowls of beef pares and two bowls of mami. They both find the beef tender and the broth unique which are the reasons why people keep coming back.

What a perfect combo to comfort us!

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The meaty crossover we didn’t expect

For their second season, they kicked off with viewers’ most requested restaurant—Pat-Pat’s Kansi Bulalo!

“It’s a cross of sinigang, nilaga, and bulalo. All-in-one!”

Right after their first sips, they can’t help but be indulged in its flavorful broth. Their best-seller food dish is a combination of bulalo and kansi. The former is made from boiled beef shanks and bone marrow, while the latter is a delicacy from Western Visayas but with a rich sour taste.

Photo courtesy: Facebook | Pat-Pat’s Kansi Bulalo

Munching over bone marrow, Gabbi shared that it’s her first time to eat that as others refrain her from doing so due to its high-calorie and fat contents.

The 100-year old restaurant is located at 8809 Sampaloc corner Kamagong St., San Antonio, Makati City. Aside from kansi bulalo for Php 195, they ordered here kansi laman for Php 195, sizzling kansi for Php 295, and grilled squid for Php 285.

A piping-hot way to soothe your soul in the chilly weather!

How about you? What’s your favorite comfort food? Let us know!

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