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The Most Historical Moments of CHANEL

The Most Historical Moments of CHANEL

After beginning as a hat boutique a century ago, CHANEL has evolved into one of the most prominent brands in luxury fashion. Its creations are highly sought-after—all thanks to Gabrielle Chanel’s exquisite sense of fashion. Let’s take a look back at CHANEL’s history to discover how the company has revolutionized the fashion industry over the past century.

In 1910, Gabrielle Coco Chanel launched her first hat shop under the name “Chanel Mode.”

In 1912, Gabrielle Chanel officially opened her first boutique in Deauville. Later in 1915, She launched her own Couture House in Biarritz, France. There, she hires 300 people and creates her debut Haute Couture collection.

In 1921, CHANEL unveiled its first fragrance, N°5.

Photo | Sephora

This classic item is regarded as “women’s perfume which smells like a woman.” The same variant is still being sold today due to people’s unending demand. Even Manilyn Monroe admitted to using this perfume!

After seeing the promising future of perfumes, she made the decision to found “Société des Parfums CHANEL” in 1924. It makes and sells cosmetics and perfumes. They developed the first powder and lipstick collections that same year.

Gabrielle traveled to Hollywood in February 1931 at the behest of American producer Samuel Goldwyn.

He requested her to dress the United Artists studio’s actresses. She created costumes for the movies Tonight or Never (1931) and The Greeks Had a Word for Them (1932).

Photo | CHANEL

With more than 45 pieces of well-crafted jewelry, she introduced her High Jewelry collection in 1932.

In her mansion in Paris, she showcased THE BIJOUX DE DIAMANTS HIGH JEWELRY COLLECTION.

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Introduced in 1954, the CHANEL jacket was an avant-garde piece of apparel for women.

1950’s CHANEL house model, Marie-Hélène Arnaud
Photo | CHANEL

French designer Gabrielle brought to life her idea to dress women in clothes that make them feel at ease. She designed the jacket to free women from the restrictions of 1950s wasp-waisted silhouettes like corsets.

The famous 2.55 bag came into existence in 1955.

Photo | Tatler Asia

The rectangular bag is iconic for its quilted texture and signature “soft sliding” chain. This functional bag revolutionized the bag industry because it’s not the typical handbag. For the first time, it enabled ladies to carry their bags on their shoulders.

CHANEL will forever be remembered in history as having revolutionized women’s fashion.

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