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The Bike is A Brush, and You’re the Artist

The Bike is A Brush, and You’re the Artist

Learning how to ride a bike for me was one of the most iconic memories I had as a child. It was fun and thrilling. As a beginner, there was much crashing, but that didn’t stop me from pedaling my way toward success. And if you do not know how to ride one, then maybe this is the time for you to learn!

The Bike is A Brush, and You’re the Artist

Day by day, the oil price hike announcements continuously surface in newspapers and television headlines. This problem intensely affects Filipino workers like jeepney and tricycle drivers, delivery riders, and commuters because of the increase in fares. As an alternative, many Filipinos have switched from commuting to using bicycles as their mode of transportation. And if you’re planning to make a switch, these bike models might do the trick for you.

Mountain Bike – Betta Dragon Scale

This model is a mountain bike with an aluminum-alloy frame and an internal cabling feature. Its head tube is tapered, which is more stable than the non-tapered. Its brakes are hydraulic and go by a 1×8 drivetrain. For its price, the range is about 10,000 pesos.

Image from Cycle Depot PH

Among other brands and models, Betta Dragon Scale is probably the most affordable mountain bike with quality specs and frames. And if you want to customize its parts, you wouldn’t regret it because of the expensive-looking frame.

Trinx M136 Elite

Another mountain bike that is perfect for riding to work and school and casual rides is the Trinx M136 Elite. This model is cheaper than the Betta Dragon Scale but has quality parts. It has an alloy frame and internal cabling feature with a Shimano 7-speed shifter.

Image from Trinx

Unlike the previous model, Trinx M136 has a non-tapered head tube but don’t worry, that doesn’t affect the performance of the bike that much. For a price range of 7,200 pesos, you would have the right bike for your casual rides and commuting plans.

Folding Bike – Trinx Dolphin 2.0

If you’re not a person who likes riding tall bikes like the model mentioned above, you can go for a folding bike. This type of bike is perfect for everyday commuting purposes. You can even bring it inside your offices or in malls.

Image from Trinx

One ideal folding bike to look for is the Trinx Dolphin 2.0. It has an aluminum alloy folding frame and a Shimano SL-RS35 shifter. For the drivetrain 1×7 drivetrain and goes by the price of 10,000 pesos. Folding bikes like this model may be a great choice if you want a more compact and smaller vehicle.

Nonetheless, whether you go for a mountain, road, or folding bike, what matters the most is the comfort and convenience it can give you. Bicycles are not just a mode of transportation but also a vehicle to escape and breathe. Your trails are your art.

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