Pugpog Biker’s Highlands is the perfect stop-over for cyclists

Venture the accessible beauty of the Sierra Madre mountain range and find the best place for cyclists to relax and dine.

Finding a stop-over to relax from your tiring bicycle ride along with the Sierra Madre Mountain range? Pugpog Bikers Leisure Hub serves as the best place for cyclists to relax and dine.

Why is Pugpog Biker’s Highlands the perfect stop-over for cyclists?

The pandemic has introduced numerous alternatives in life as members of society learn to adapt to the ‘new normal.’ Cycling is one of the trends that rose as a remedy to conflicts in transportation. Located in Bulacan, the coffee shop offers a peaceful dining experience. You can breathe the fresh and cold breeze while seeing the sights of the Angat River and the Sierra Madre mountain range from Pugpog’s Biker Highlands.

The leisure hub remains a great area for relaxing, dining, and eating. Of course, you can enjoy the alluring view of the lake and green lands while you’re at it. Famous for riders and bikers, the restaurant remains a comfortable place to stop over and chill after hours during their cycling route. With alfresco dining, bikers can perfectly re-energize and recharge while reveling in the view.

Recharge with caffeinated drinks and an all-day breakfast menu!

Aside from its cold breeze and astonishing scenery, they also offer caffeinated drinks and all-day breakfast menu items. Jumpstart the day with a Breakfast Combo that only costs Php 200. This should include your choice of silog and your choice of coffee.

Aside from silog, they also have different kinds of pasta, burgers, chicken gourmets, and so much more. These meals can replenish cyclists’ bodies from the excessive cycling and mental and emotional exhaustion that they may be suffering.

The rise of alfresco cafes

Biking has become one of the more popular activities people have taken on during the pandemic. This also became the reason why you can see tons of alfresco cafes mushrooming in the neighboring areas outside the Metro. Of course, this would include Pampanga, Rizal, and Tagaytay. These three cities serve as pit stops for cyclists or people who simply just want a break from the quarantine life in Metro Manila. 

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You can surely add this to the list of your aesthetic cafes to visit. Located in Angat, this café remains perfect for cyclists and motorists. However, of course, it can also be perfect for a family quick getaway.

You can also visit the place for group hangouts and get-togethers. Moreover, aside from the jaw-dropping views, you have an affordable selection of food and drinks. It makes them unique and a lot of customers love it. 

For those who want to maximize their cycling experience, they should consider stopping by Pugpog Highlands Leisure Hub.

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