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Strategic Earning Amidst Pandemic

Strategic Earning Amidst Pandemic

Are you fond of playing online games? Do you excel in your gaming hobby? Well, this might motivate you in a way to earn something.

Playing While Earning

Having financial freedom amidst a pandemic is hard to attain knowing the effect that Covid-19 gives us. Most working people have lost their jobs and it is still hard to find a new one.

Mark Niño, a 22-year-old gamer, found an interesting way to earn and finance himself. He excels in playing online games such as Mobile Legends, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike. He thought of a way to earn using his hobbies.

Mobile Legends | Dotesports

“I just play for fun but I feel like I have to use my hobby to help myself and my family.”

Mark Niño

As he noticed that his friends are asking him to be part of a party in Mobile Legends so they can rank up together. He thought of it as an opportunity to earn from them. He started to offer boosting and pilot services then he will get paid in exchange.

Since he started earning from playing ML, he bought a team from the NFT game called Axie Infinity. Soon enough, he began to earn more. But it did not last for so long as the crypto exchange dipped.

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Ready To Take The Risk

“Playing is not just about earning all the time. It is a risk and for courageous people only.”

Mark Niño

Having the opportunity to play is not permanent. You must always be ready as you may experience loss along the way. Always do your research before taking the risk to play.

Playing online games should give you enjoyment, not stress. It will give you the chance to spend a happy time with your friends and loved ones.

It might be addicting sometimes, so you should also watch out for yourself. Be cautious at all times.

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