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Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas That You Might Want to Try

Birthday Photo Shoot Ideas That You Might Want to Try

Don’t we all feel like a main character on our birthday? Of course, it’s only once a year so feel free to feel special. Every now and then, we get to see pasabog birthday photo shoots from celebrities. In 2021, Andrea Brillantes wows the netizen in her Birth of Venus-themed pictorial, in celebration of her 18th birthday. This year, Anne Curtis was photographed by Shaira Luna, as she channels Audrey Hepburn for her 37th birthday. We may not be an artista but we can definitely have our own birthday shoot to somehow make our day a little bit extra.

If you are planning to have one, we’ve collected photo shoot ideas that you can try on your own or with your barkada. We do guarantee that you don’t have to hire an entire team to bring these themes to life!


Photo from: Rhiza Bianzon on Instagram

Cottagecore is an aesthetic inspired by the old-fashioned rural lifestyle. On this, traditional handicrafts are often used as props, and the clothes featured are flowy dresses with puff sleeves.

You can of course experiment to match your own liking. Here in the Philippines, I’m sure you’ll get to find an open grassy space where you can lay out your picnic blanket. Borrow your momma’s basket and a few slices of bread will do!

Photo from: thatsbawselife on Instagram

Turning a year older isn’t a crime but one creative way of celebrating your day is through a mugshot inspired photoshoot. Obviously, it is very easy to make by printing the backdrop that is available online. If you have a little extra time, you may draw it too. Just think of it as a school project for your art class.


This is another easy one to make and probably most used but you can never go wrong with a newspaper backdrop. Since it is ash-colored, choosing an outfit to compliment is very easy. Colored clothes will surely make you pop! Aside from this, you might not need to spend any if you have tabloids available at home.

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Photo from: Sydney Daigle on Pinterest

Beautiful Chaos

In case you aren’t too happy about getting old yet still want to celebrate your day, you might want to peg Melanie Martinez’ Pity Party. In this, you’ll need a banner for your background and some food for props which you can of course eat afterward. If you’re all set, just remember the number one rule: no smiling!

Photo from: Pinterest

We’re living in such a busy world and we often forget to look after ourselves. Whatever way you’d choose to celebrate your birthday, what’s important is for you to enjoy and cherish the moment. Aesthetic photos are just the cherry on top and being happy should be the main goal.

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