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Birthday Gift Ideas for Your BFF

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your BFF

If gift-giving is your love language, you are probably looking forward to your best friend’s birthday, planning in advance what to give them. Thinking can be hard as you have to consider their interests. You might also need to follow a certain budget. Although in most cases, the amount of the gift isn’t really important. As long as it came from your heart, it will be appreciated for sure. 

In this, we’ve listed down gift ideas that you can consider for your best friend’s birthday. Aside from them being enjoyable, they can also be very useful.

Portable CD Player

Photo from: Nerdy Techy

If your best friend happens to be a KPOP fan, they might be into collecting albums of their favorite group. This Portable CD Player is a great gift to show your love and support for their interest. With this, they can sing along to their favorite album anywhere. This isn’t only useful but so cute too.

Mini Projector

Photo from: YugaTech

For your BFF who loves movies, this is definitely the perfect gift. This mini projector can also be enjoyed by the family and the whole barkada during a sleepover. It is also very convenient because aside from its small, you may connect it too on a smartphone.

eBook Reader

Photo from: New York Times

Book lovers may not find satisfaction in reading books on their phones. However, this eBook Reader can be a great alternative for printed ones. It won’t harm their eyes too. You may also download in advance the books that you think your best friend will like. Extra points for thoughtfulness!

Portable Photo Printer

Photo from: YugaTech

For someone who loves taking pictures and is naturally sentimental, this will be the perfect gift. Using this portable printer, transferring photos from one’s phone is very easy. You just have to connect your device to its Bluetooth. Since it is very handy, bringing this to any travel destination is not a problem at all. I’m sure your friend will make loads of memories using this.

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Homemade Goodies

Photo from: Art Bar Blog

On my 23rd birthday, I got a cake from my best friend which she baked herself. She’s so sweet and so is the cake. Thank you, Cessdy! I’m sure your BFF will be over the moon if you’ll cook or bake for them. Your effort will surely translate to love.

Not everyone can freely utter “I love you” to their loved ones. It’s fine because we have different ways of expressing our love and affection. May it be by giving gifts or through other ways, our intention which is to express our appreciation is just the same.

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