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Recreating Wednesday-inspired Outfits from Instagram

Recreating Wednesday-inspired Outfits from Instagram

Most of us recently binge-watched the intriguing Addams Family. Getting to know Wednesday, in just a weekend, made us totally obsessed. The script, acting, and production can be considered a huge success. Jenna Ortega as Wednesday has exceeded everyone’s expectations as she steps into the spotlight as a gothic-style icon with myriad moods.

Being as kooky and spooky as she is, her style is to die for these days. The Wednesday outfits are a trend for the moody teen in all of us. Her gothic visuals are all mixed of simplicity, but intense and intimidating.

While we excitingly wait for the premiere of its season 2, here are some Instagram posts that channel Wednesday’s aesthetic and iconic-goth vibes. Relate and find your perfect gothic style marked by darkness and mystery in this Instagram account.

Wednesday’s Longsleeve tee and Flared leggings

Wednesday’s simple yet comfy long-sleeve tee topped with a puffer vest complements well. This can be a DIY and you have definitely a basic black long-sleeve tee. Why not pair it with flared leggings and take this as a sign to slay the place by pairing it with platform boots?

Long skirt

Long skirts are so in these days. It may seem so old-fashioned to others but that’s the look we want to achieve. Wednesday has rocked a long striped skirt and this will look incredible, especially for those long-legged chicks.

Corset and Leather Jacket

Wednesday used a cropped leather jacket for the on-the-spot interrogation. This might be missing in your closet so make sure to have one. This is definitely a bang for the buck in achieving dark and cool get-ups perfect for night outs!

Morticia Addams’ signature dress

I personally low-key assumed that Wednesday will be wearing her mother’s outfits in one of the scenes but who knows? Also, this long tight-fitting gothic dress is perfect for those who want to highlight their hourglass figure.

Wednesday’s timeless black dress

Wednesday made everyone’s jaw drop with her timeless black dress. As stunning and elegant as it is, this fancy black dress is close to that style. Moreover, you can spice up the outfit with additional accessories like a headband, stockings, and platform shoes.

These are just inspirations in recreating Wednesday’s most-loved looks. Don’t be afraid to visit thrift stores if you are on a budget. Make sure to mix and match shades of black, gray, and white from your wardrobe for sophisticated gothic get-ups.

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