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The Glory Part 2 teaser trailer gets fans excited for Dong-eun’s final revenge

The Glory Part 2 teaser trailer gets fans excited for Dong-eun’s final revenge

The teaser trailer and character posters for Part 2 of the newest drama that every one has surely been hooked on provide a sneak peek into the continued revenge of the cunning and smart Dong-eun played by South Korean legend Song Hye-kyo.

After its release in December 2021, The Glory Part 1 quickly rose to sensation, creating numerous parodies and memes on social media. The attention was also proven by its ranking in Netflix’s global top 10 TV (Non-English) list for 5 weeks following its release.

The Glory tells the story of a woman with a broken soul due to childhood violence, who dedicates her life to a meticulous web of vengeance against all the accomplices who brought her childhood nightmare.

On the other hand, The Glory Part 2 will build on the story of surveilling and closing in on the lives of Yeon-jin and their fellow perpetrators and show how they fall into their versions of ‘hell’ that Dong-eun has meticulously planned out, quenching viewers’ thirst for the ending.

In the teaser trailer, Yeon-jin says, “I’ve done nothing wrong, Dong-eun,” without a flicker of shame as Dong-eun’s chilling wrath intensifies. This indeed fuels anticipation for how Dong-eun’s vengeance will turn out. Certainly, all eyes are on her lifetime revenge, which will unfold in the highly-anticipated Part 2 that will be released on Netflix on March 10.

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Meanwhile, the eight characters featured in the posters are all entangled in Moon Dong-eun’s detailed plan, those that help her—Joo Yeo-jeong, Kang Hyeon-nam and Ha Do-yeong, and the perpetrators—Park Yeon-jin, Jeon Jae-jun, Lee Sa-ra, Choi Hye-jeong, and Son Myeong-o. Viewers also look forward to more of Song Hye-kyo, as she received praise for leading the series with her stellar acting.  

The Glory Part 2 will be globally released on March 10, only on Netflix. Watch the trailer here.

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