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Roseanne Park, popularly known as Rosé, is the main vocalist and lead dancer of the globally successful K-pop girl group BLACKPINK. In 2021, she made her solo debut with the record-breaking single On The Ground. Besides Rosé’s success as an artist, she also captures the attention of luxury brands with her breathtaking visuals.


As a BLACKPINK member, she belongs to a group of women who not only rule the K-pop scene but also the world of fashion. She models for YSL and Tiffany & Co. Moreover, she has also been featured on the covers of different fashion magazines such as ELLE KOREA, Harper’s BAZAAR Korea, DAZED KOREA, and Vogue Australia. 

Photo from: ROSÉ/Instagram | Photo by: KHAN 간재훈/@khanxyc

Meanwhile, Rosé’s Instagram account serves as proof of her various fashion-related journeys. There she posts about her looks in different styles and colors. However, Rosé undeniably dominates whenever she wears something black. Hence, here are some of her gorgeous looks in black.

YSL ensemble

Like a true ambassador, Rosé wore a top-to-toe Saint Laurent ensemble when she visited the brand’s flagship store in Seoul. The combination of a black turtleneck sweater and high-rise straight-leg jeans perfectly complimented her figure.

She also completed the whole look with leather pumps and a crossbody bag, making it extra stunning. At the same time, when she tried on the black sunglasses, she looked like a chic boss.

Schoolgirl Rosé

Following the shows’ tradition, Rosé wore a school uniform outfit when her group guested on Knowing Bros to promote their album The Album. For this look, she paired up the black knitted vest and short-sleeved white blouse with a gray pleated skirt.

She also carried a black crossbody bag to perfect the school uniform look. Meanwhile, Rosé’s iconic pink hair made this typical school uniform ensemble striking. She looks like a character straight out of anime or manga.

Confidently Rosé

Wearing this black lace-paneled blouse with puffed sleeves and black mid-waist skinny jeans flaunted Rosé’s sweetness and sexiness. Even though her ensemble somehow carries a little aura of maturity, it still perfectly emphasizes her youthful aura. Moreover, this look speaks so much about Rosé’s confidence in being herself. Not afraid to show the sides of her—the sexy and the bubbly.

Charismatic Idol

This combination of a black printed tube top, black baggy denim overalls, and white boots show Rosé’s charisma whenever she performs on stage. She wore this outfit during one of their How You Like That live performance. Just like how she did in that performance, Rosé slays this look. So, how you like that? Or rather put, how do you like her look?

Historic Plus One

Rosé made history with her Met Gala debut in 2021. Alongside CL, she became one of the first K-pop idols to attend the said charity event. The Saint Laurent muse graced the red carpet with Saint Laurent creative director Anthony Vaccarello, wearing a little black dress adorned with a white bow.

Her Met Gala ensemble is also finished with a dramatic choker and earrings. Meanwhile, in an Instagram post, Rosé expressed her gratitude for being invited as Anthony Vaccarello’s plus one. Perhaps, we should also thank him for making this historic Rosé moment possible.

These are just some of Rosé’s looks in black, she carries herself in various styles and colors. So, what are you waiting for? Go to her Instagram account for more fashion inspo!

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