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Tiktok Transition Trends to Try Next!

Tiktok Transition Trends to Try Next!

People like to follow famous creators and videos most of the time. Contents that receive much attention and imitations are called “trends”. Tiktok has been a home for various contents since 2020. From memes to dance challenges, any video that will capture the attention of the many will surely trend on the app. 

Transitions play a big part in most trending videos. Remember Gwiyomi years ago? Today, unconsciously, we relive the way that song has trended years ago. With Tiktok, we went to a glow up and do transitions through hand gestures passing before the camera.

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Here’s a small list of Tiktok transition trends you should try next!

Transition in Simply, Pretty, Trendy

1. Do that little hand dance and after that step like a door opening you transition from a “get ready with me” look to a slay #OOTD with Tracy Joseph’s.


You guys are KILLING THIS!❤️❤️ Merry christmass everyone🎄✨ tc: me | ig: @tracy.ojj

♬ Love me transition – Zuzi

2. Feeling a little lazy but still up for some video? One hand holds the phone and the other does some steps following the song then swipe up to your camera and there you have it.


Dinner w parents wbu

♬ paper planes – EX7STENCE™

3. Use the power of angles and create a sort of optical illusion with this one. It can be a bit tricky because you need to get the perfect timing and angle on this one but it is perfect.


this transition was actually confusing

♬ Hey, Mickey! – Baby Tate

4. Say goodbye to the old “jump then you’ll be in another place” transition because there’s a lot of props you can use for better surprises. One of them is using a hand fan or an umbrella and here is Lucia Liu to give you a simple yet stunning example.

@luseeyalu Replying to @wednesday_adams.girl1 result 🙂 hahhaha our grandmas 😊😊 guess no umbrella opening inside the house is that one thing we all agreen on worldwide hahahhaha 😜 #transitiontutorial #howtotransition #transitionbts #umbrellatransition #qipao #cheongsam #chineseculture qipao from @Beth and Brian Qipao ♬ Where Have You Been x The Hills – DJ L Beats

Mini Productions or Medium Movements

Raise the shooting difficulty with doing more than one transition and additional productions.

5.  Follow the voice and let it lead you to beautiful results. This Wednesday Addams inspired makeup routine has come to life with Rolly Mark Balneg’s take of the voiceover and look at the wonderful end. 

@rollymarkbalneg I’m Wednesday Addams, but looks like “The Corpse Bride”🤣 #fyp #fypシ #trend #trending #transformation #rollymarkbalneg #wednesdayaddams ♬ original sound – MGM Studios

6. Confident with those gymnastics skills? Try this! Short and you just need to do one stunt and there you have a transition that will make you feel the stretch.

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@luseeyalu Replying to @pengpengclee result!!! This was too fun to make hehehhehehhe #transitiontutorial #transition #howtotransition #transitionbts #split #splittransition #justhavefun #seduceyou Ib @pengpengclee ♬ original sound – TreQevol

7. Going full production will never be a joke. The thing with this one is that the transition itself is simple hand gestures and following the song but the amount of time to prepare and shoot is what makes it way more challenging. Are you up to showing your own take with the brands that the lyrics say?

@cciinnn Nữ hoàng chơi trend trễ 😚😆😆 yahhh cảm ơn team anh @Tuấn Ngọc Võ rất nhiều ạhhh ♥️♥️ IB:@Quỳnh Thi #madeyoulook #GiangSinh2022 ♬ Made You Look – Meghan Trainor

Hardcore Transition Galore!

Now let’s check out these  transitions that we believe to be those of the hard ones.

8. Cosplay and content is a thing since. Live the mastery of coining both plus the extreme of some martial arts with this one with @maruzee_dragon on Tiktok.

@maruzee_dragon Hey Winchester boys, I think I haven’t introduced myself yet…😈 #supernatural #winchester #transition #edit #thewinchesters ♬ Carry on Wayward Son – Kansas

9. How many did you see? Full production with the times of wardrobe change plus the choreography plus the shoot itself and final editing. This one needs them all but can give you the greatest and satisfying results.

@pengpengclee THIS WAS SUCH A WORKOUT LOL #transitions ♬ Pretty Girls Walk – Big Boss Vette

Picking a good beat, transition, and fit can be challenging but the results will always be fire and fun.

Got other cool transition ideas? Share it with us!

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