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Reconnecting in Isolation: Childhood Friends and Interests

Reconnecting in Isolation: Childhood Friends and Interests

It’s surprising that one can still connect while in isolation. Not that we are fully cut off from the world but this pandemic has kept us at our homes for a long while now. I guess when you find yourself having just a little bit more time, you remember some stuff. You dig into your memories or in some cases: your boxes, closet, or shelves. Those are things you already know. There becomes a reconnection in isolation. In my case, it was my childhood friends and interests.

Childhood Interests

It is true that as you grow, you start to like new things. Your interests change and you engage with different hobbies over time. Sometimes, you also just get too busy with work and school. It’s a normal change. However, there are times when we find ourselves thinking of that movie character we liked as a kid. Maybe you saw a handmade bracelet and remembered how you used to have a kit. 

Next thing you know, you’re watching that movie. You’re buying beads with different colors. 

I, myself, pulled out books from the shelf, dusty and worn out but still intact. I watched the films and shows I liked as a kid. There was Deep Blue Sea, The Mummy I and II, The Chronicles of Narnia, Merlin BBC, Harry Potter, and many more. Isolated and having a little more time to myself, I dove right back in. 

It was like realizing why they interested you so much as a child. Now, you’ve been hooked again. You get to notice more, understand better, and appreciate them in a different light. 

Childhood Friends

Along with changing interests are friends you’ve probably lost contact with. 

You’ve taken out that scrapbook or that box full of sentimental objects from your childhood friends. It can be awkward when one day, you remember that you haven’t seen them for so long. You’re probably thinking that you’re changed people. How could anyone know what both of you like now? There would be nothing to talk about. 

It turns out that you do have a lot of things to cover. After all, you’ve made too many memories with them to reminisce.

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A childhood friend of mine and I talked about what we used to like, from songs to films. We talked about what we used to get up to in school. The notes we passed around that I kept were brought up. Then, it was easier to talk about the present. We shared recommendations and talked about our current hobbies. Conversations were about what we are studying, who are the people around us, and our new discoveries about life. We talked about how we were in isolation and through that, we reconnected. 

Our Connections

Some people say that this is your time to learn new things. You can now do projects you’ve put off for a long time. You can discover what you like and don’t like. However, this can also be the time where you can reconnect, to recognize once more what you grew up with. 

There’s magic in finding what used to make you excited, what made you happy, and what led you to have the interests you have now. There’s good in reconnecting with the friends who have been a part of your childhood.

Knowing that you can still come back to these things, these people, makes you realize that maybe the connection has always been there. It just ended to be strengthened once more.

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