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Filipino 101: Words You Might Have Never Heard Off

Filipino 101: Words You Might Have Never Heard Off

Filipino is such a beautiful and diverse language. Being housed in the country of the Philippines, the language has been continuously adapted and changed over the course of time. With that, here are some words from different aspects that you might have never heard of before. 

Satunawing Kaayusan

You might be already asking, what is satunawing kaayusan? Well, this is something that has already been taught to us way back in our elementary school days. Once we eat something, the food that we just ate will travel into this system of our body. Yes, satunawing kaayusan is the Filipino translation of our digestive system. Here are more Filipino translations of some parts of the digestive system;

  • Salivary Gland – Katasang Laway 
  • Esophagus – Lalaugan 
  • Epiglottis – Harang Pasadila 
  • Liver – Atay
  • Stomach – Sikmura 
  • Pancreas – Lapay 
  • Gallbladder – Apduhan

Filipino Words in Geometry

Sit down and relax because the class on suksigan is about to start. Shapes in different forms have been essential for most of us since day one. Everything we see in our surroundings is made of various shapes to form an object. However, are you familiar with some of the Filipino translations in Geometry? Worry less because here are some geometry shapes translated into Filipino.

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  • Triangle – Tatsulok 
  • Square – Parisukat 
  • Quadrilateral – Patgilid 
  • Pentagon – Limsiha 
  • Hexagon – Nimsiha 
  • Heptagon – Pitsiha 
  • Octagon – Walsiha

Translated Zodiac Signs

Are you a believer in the fortunes and beliefs behind the constellations in the universe? I think it is safe to assume that everyone is familiar with all zodiac signs out there. Interestingly, the twelve constellations of the zodiac have their own unique Filipino translation. Here are some of the translated zodiac signs we know today. 

  • Capricorn – Kambing 
  • Sagittarius – Mamamana
  • Aquarius – Manunubig 
  • Leo – Halimaw 
  • Libra – Talaro 
  • Virgo – Dalaga
As Filipinos, we must ensure to take care and showcase our language amongst other foreign words. Our language will bind all of us together as one. Together, let’s bring our language and culture to the world and show them how versatile and beautiful our origin story was.
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