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Getting through the silent battles you never talk about

Getting through the silent battles you never talk about

Life will give you different battles to face. Some might let you experience disappointment, pain, and failures. Still, having someone to lean on and to cry on helps in the long run. Even so, I believe there are some situations in life that we never talk about. Yet, you still, continue fighting and getting through those silent battles on yourself.

The pain of carrying an emotional baggage

It’s not easy to carry all the burdens and weight all by yourself, especially when you feel that there’s no one out there to extend their helping hand. You tend to fight and survive every single day without telling anyone what you are going through. It’s probably because you don’t want to disturb others with the emotional load you carry, or maybe you choose not to say it and decided to do things on your own.

Hence, I want you to know how brave you are. I admire your courage and patience in life. You are so strong for holding all these things without telling anyone. Your feelings are valid and it’s okay when you don’t feel okay at all.

Find your crying shoulder

However, I want to remind you that when things get rough, you can always seek help. When you feel like you can’t do this anymore, take a step to tell someone you trust and close to you. Speak it out, cry out till your heart feels light, ask more so you can find answers, and keep going until you win those battles.

In the same manner, you don’t have to rush things and force yourself. You don’t need to apologize for giving yourself more time to think about and figure out things on your own. Don’t forget that even though people around you don’t appreciate what have you have done, there’s still someone who wants you to win. Just don’t forget that you are loved and you are not alone.

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