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Our Beloved Summer is one of the most realistic romantic series of 2021

Our Beloved Summer is one of the most realistic romantic series of 2021

Everyone loves a romantic comedy Korean drama. It is a mixture of both romance and comedy with a Korean production twist. It makes us fall in love while making our tummies hurt with laughter. Plus, you do not have to worry about being scared or feeling sad because it’s simply fun and safe to watch. Netflix rewards us, K-drama fans, with a set of fantastic series every year. You don’t want to miss the much-loved Our Beloved Summer starring Kim Da-Mi and Choi Woo-Shik.

Our Beloved Summer can be seen on everyone’s watch lists and constantly reappearing on news feeds for a good reason. This drama stands out for showcasing the genuine and heartbreaking pain that one experiences while in a relationship, despite initially adhering to the typical “first love” clichés used in K-dramas.

But, what makes Our Beloved Summer a realistic romantic series?

Fate reunites ex-lovers Choi Ung and Kook Yeon-Soo to film a follow-up to the viral documentary they shot ten years prior. The two discover that they are yearning for one another at precisely the right moment. They deal with unresolved feelings from the past and the present. Even though the series moves at a slow pace, it cannot be described as dull and dragging. It more closely resembles watching life and its natural events develop at a realistic rate.

The writers created flawed characters with imperfections, subtleties, and problems to relate them to the viewers. For example, most people can relate to Ung’s fear of rejection and disappointment despite being a motivated public relations executive. Meanwhile, Choi Ung seems like an unmotivated yet extraordinary artist. 

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Love endures in times of adversity.

No matter what hardships or difficulties one might face, the series demonstrated that the feeling of love always remains present. In this case, love should not be restricted to romance only. When Yeon-Soo was trying to cope with her break-up with Ung, Seol-Yi never left her despite having feelings for her. Yeon-Soo’s grandmother also showed her granddaughter the unconditional love and support she had always needed. This drama effectively captured those feelings, capturing the essence of romantic, platonic, and strong familial love.

Everyone should root for every character. Traditional villains and foes to hate on do not exist in the series. Even the you-think-you-anticipated petty love triangles also don’t even exist. The character development of everyone will eventually have you cheering. You will experience a sense of companionship as you follow these fictional characters. Especially through their journey of overcoming obstacles and becoming a better version of themselves.

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Our Beloved Summer gives off the vibe of a win-win situation that everyone just loves!

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