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My Top 5 Favorite Songs on the Juans’ First Full-Length Album, “Liwanag”

My Top 5 Favorite Songs on the Juans’ First Full-Length Album, “Liwanag”

One of the emerging bands in the OPM scene is the pop/rock group The Juans. With their hits Hindi Tayo Pwede, Lumalapit, and Atin Ang Mundo, more and more people are enjoying their music, and I am one of them. And it was undoubtedly a delight for their fans when they released Liwanag, their first full-length, all-original album. 

Photo Credits: The Juans

When it comes to creating songs, in the past, the band’s lead guitarist Japs Mendoza, and vocalist Carl Guevarra undertook most of the work. But the other members, drummer Joshua Coronel, bassist Chael Adriano, and guitarist RJ Adriano, have begun to partake. They were able to put together a group of tracks that are more experimental and distinctive from their previous songs.

Photo Credits: The Juans

Liwanag’s music clearly reflects the diverse influences its members had. I can say that this album is dynamic and daring because the tracks explore several musical genres. The Juans are experimenting with their sound, even if the majority of their tracks still have a pop shine.

We only get to appreciate light in [the] darkness. The light that guides, that never gives up, never fails, and the light that will lead us to the right place.

The Juans

The Juans have released the following statement on the album’s theme. The light is a reoccurring theme on their debut full-length album in all its manifestations. Here are my top 5 picks from their album, which you might want to add to your playlist

My Top 5 favorite songs on The Juans’ Liwanag:


Probably my favorite track on the album, Liwanag sounds a lot like its namesake. It features choral backup voices that are harmonic, soaring synthesizers, and tinkering warps. It serves as an upbeat, optimistic, and hopeful anthem and establishes the mood for the remaining songs. Its mellow choral backup voices provided the music with a positive and upbeat vibe.

Furthermore, this song is about myself. Finding contentment and happiness in this world, growing weary of life, and becoming overwhelmed by the pressures and uncertainties. The light has always been there, but we keep racing in the wrong direction. The light that this world is unable to offer. You should definitely include this on your playlist if you want to feel optimistic and enthused because of its positive and uplifting feelings.


Since it talks about embracing oneself, it’s probably the song that means the most to me. Salamin is an upbeat song about discovering positive aspects of what we see in the mirror that tackles self-image. I fell in love with the song as soon as I heard the line “Tumingin ka lang sa salamin, hindi ka mahirap na mahalin.” The Juans definitely know how to use their music to connect to their listeners as it conveys inspiration and motivation.

Further, it conveys the idea that we should love the reflection in the mirror. There are moments when we despise ourselves and notice aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. But we must learn to love ourselves since we have many qualities to love that we just don’t recognize or appreciate.

They also recently collaborated with Stell from SB19 to make the music video for Salamin. You should also watch Chael’s moving and motivational video in which he discusses Salamin’s songwriting process and the story behind it.


This song brings back so many memories. In addition to having an 80s vibe and being upbeat, it reminds me of the times I had a crush and makes my entire day better simply by seeing him. Pangalan begins smooth and pleasant, similar to an 80s city pop song. It’s enough to take you back to the ecstatic phases of a first crush. You might want to add this to your playlist if you want to experience a romantic thrill and fall in love.

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Kahon, a trap, and rap-inspired song is one of the Juans’ freshest and most distinctive tracks. Through this song on their album, they truly step up their game. Of all the songs from Liwanag, it has one of the catchiest melodies and most unique lyrics. It aptly captures the moments when we find ourselves in our minds as well as the cries for help we make.

The song begins with guitar picks and then switches to Japs’ rapid rap flow, which has a melancholy but aggressive vibe the entire time. The song was both raw and cool. Moreover, overthinking and worry may be let out in this song. It may be able to relate to people who believe no one can understand them and cannot relate to the chaos in their heads. 

Teka Muna

I can really see that this song can be a soundtrack for a movie or a series at some point. A song that exudes a show tune vibe, Teka Muna, gives me goosebumps the first time I listen to them. I also love the juxtaposition of the song and its message. The melody gives mysterious vibes while the song lyrics focus more on a relationship that is about to end. 

The Juans are about to perform at their first major concert following the release of Liwanag on October 23, 2022, at the famous Araneta Coliseum. The Juanistas, who are their devout fans, are the focus of this concert. With their cherished Juanistas, they will celebrate their music during this event. We will only have the four of them play, though, due to Joshua, their drummer, departing from the group last June 29.

With their debut album, The Juans significantly upped their music and stepped outside of their comfort zone. Through their album, they truly connect to their fans because we get to see their true selves—not only as artists but as humans. As we continue to experience life’s ups and downs, the songs of Liwanag provide validation for many of the challenging circumstances we have all encountered. Until then, I encourage you to listen to every song on the album since they are all amazing. I’m excited for the band to release songs that communicate to their audience as well as works of art.

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