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My personal experience being an Ambivert

My personal experience being an Ambivert

We often receive never-ending questions concerning our personality traits, specifically whether we are an “extrovert” or an “introvert.” But what if a person is in-between and cannot identify oneself as falling from any of the two? People classifying themselves as remaining in the middle of the spectrum of being extrovert and introvert is what being an Ambivert is all about.

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I am an Ambivert. I enjoy the beauty of silence at times, and I surprisingly enjoy being highly social as well. Ever since, I have known myself thriving in both worlds of being alone and in a social setting. I, at some point even questioned myself if what I am feeling is normal. Until that day comes when I heard about ambiverts – those people who experience both extroversion and introversion.

Here are some of my personal experiences being an Ambivert:

Having the best of both worlds.

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Exhibiting both the qualities of introversion and extroversion is an undeniable fact for an Ambivert like me. I can be of any of the two depending on the situation, mood, context, people, and necessity. I actually consider myself sort of ‘inconsistent’ with how I truly feel towards something or someone for an instance. My feelings, emotions, and even my mindset highly depend on what kind of day I am having.

Alone time is a necessity just as much as social time.

I enjoy having alone time a lot. Given the chance, I would take myself out on a date to a distinct destination away from colleagues and relatives. As an ambivert, I value my ‘me time‘ a lot.

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But at times, being alone causes me so much sadness, too. I also seek a companion and quality time. I could go wild and high with people I am comfortable being with.

I have a selected companion.

I limit my gestures and actions towards people I do not share intimate relationships. In a bunch of crowds, you will see me preferring to be quiet and enjoy my own company. I make friends, actually have made a lot of circles. These are selected circles I am comfortable sharing thoughts and emotions.

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You will not see me initiating even small talk to someone I do not consider my friend. I could converse with anyone but expect that I will not talk to them not unless they reached out first.

Socializing is not a problem but it’s tiring to be around too many people.

I do not have a personal issue dealing with strangers or people I am not close with. You would see me struggle with the way I talk whenever I am not very comfortable with a presence. I do not go to parties for I am certain that interacting to people would make me so uncomfortable. But, meeting a stranger or two and having deep conversations would definitely work for me.

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I am willing to listen all day but will be very reserved in conversing.

I am a better listener. I prefer to listen to people’s sentiments and understand their stories genuinely than to share mine. If it’s my turn to speak up, expect that I would be usually very reserved. I do not let it all out to people. Yet, at times, a flip occurs within me and I have so many tendencies of oversharing.

Could perform decently in both solo and group tasks

At times, I would love to work with my tasks alone. Instances from college proved to me that I find ease with my own company in accomplishing tasks. I can still recall how this one certain project made me do a task alone. This is despite the fact that the class is allowed to form their groups. It turned out that I had a much smooth-sailing phasing than those who formed their groups. Certainly, because I am comfortable dealing with it.

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Meanwhile, I also enjoy group tasks a lot specifically if I work with my circle of friends. I could easily converse and share my thoughts about the project we are working on. But then, working with people I am not comfortable with would cause so much struggle for me.

It’s worth the world to figure ourselves out, regardless of what spectrum we may be part of. It should always be acceptance of oneself that matters to us the most.

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