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Falling in between two traits: What is it like to be an ambivert?

Falling in between two traits: What is it like to be an ambivert?

Ambivert refers to a person who shows both qualities of introvert and extrovert. You fall in-between or in the middle of those traits. The way you interact with other people depends on the context. The idea of introversion and extroversion came from Swiss psychiatrist Carl G. Jung in the early 1900s. Introverts are the people who want to spend their time alone or only in small groups. Meanwhile, extroverts get their energy in social situations.

However, there’s what we called ambivert. It came from an American social scientist Kimball Young in 1927. This denotes from the Latin words ‘ambi’ meaning round about while ‘vertere’ meaning to turn. Since I am an ambivert, I place myself in the middle or extrovert-introvert scale, I would like to share with you what is it like to be one.

Falling in between two traits: What is it like to be an ambivert?

Being an ambivert, I was able to balance things based on my preferences. I act upon depends on my moods, goals and context. Sometimes, I might be interacting with people so well but I also need some time alone. I can fit into social gatherings but I don’t want too much. I fall in between those lines, based on the approach needed in a particular situation.

So, I’ll give you some reasons to think if you fit these traits like me.

1. Spends time with others energizes you but sometimes you want time for yourself.

According to Sarah Regan. it’s one io the characteristic that you’re an ambivert like me. We tend to be like an extrovert who enjoys social situations. But also enjoys some time alone like introverts.

2. You’re both talkative and quiet at some times.

Ronald E. Riggio, PhD explains that ambiverts might be the people who talk too much but are quiet sometimes. Feel me? I love it when I have conversations with others but I am also quiet for some reason.

3. A good listener and communicator.

Psychologist Brian Little stated ambiverts have the classic traits of both introvert and extrovert. You know when it is time to listen and to talk. I am aware of when it is time to listen or to communicate with someone. I tend to control what needs to be shared and what is not.

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