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How I Found My Introvert Self 

How I Found My Introvert Self 

We all have different sides of personality, right? Maybe your whole thing is being an extrovert, or maybe you are the opposite. We all have our own way of how it is shown and expressed not only to others but especially to ourselves.

Lately, I have come to think that I know myself. I always thought I am an extrovert person, however, due to the fact that I continue to face real life, I gradually started to realize that it is not good for me to just be extroverted. My life in general has not been good because of it.

How I found my introverted side 

Throughout my life, there are experiences that I thought I would never encounter. I thought it was okay to always bring out and show everyone who you really are, I thought I could trust everyone around me. Sadly, I usually feel betrayed by the people I trust the most.

Since then, I have learned not to share everything in my life with others. I focus more on self-reflecting. I no longer base how I present myself to others on the standards of people I don’t even know.

Why it turned out so well

I decided to undergo this change that is bigger than I would have anticipated. As I started to explore my introverted side, I have realized and experienced many activities that have entertained me a lot and really helped me attain a sense of fulfillment. I gradually realized that it was more fun to be like this… just like when I talk to the moon. I know for others it’s weird but for me when I do it, I’m safe. I feel like my thoughts are safe with her.

I know I am not the only one who has discovered this lifestyle change but all I can say is just keep facing the real world, don’t be blind. Also ask yourself what are you really more comfortable with—being an introvert or an extrovert?

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