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Miss Universe 2023: A truly Transformational Year

Miss Universe 2023: A truly Transformational Year

Miss Universe 2023: A truly Transformational Year

The 72nd Miss Universe competition concluded its year with the crowning of a new transformational leader. While only one woman walked away with the title, many of this year’s candidates achieved their own personal wins.

Throughout the years, we’ve seen how Miss Universe has been fighting for inclusivity and acceptance. Changing their laws and opening opportunities for all women, the pageant is aiming to not just be a beauty pageant. It is slowly becoming “A brand for everyone.”

This is definitely evident tonight as for the first time in the history of any beauty pageant, Miss Universe 2023 featured a diverse set of semifinalists.

To celebrate this monumental feat, let us take a look at some of the exceptional women who not only made waves but successfully conquered them too.

Miss Universe 2023: A truly Transformational Year


Debuting for the first time at Miss Universe, Pakistan doubles this achievement by entering the semifinals through its representative, Erica Robin. Coming from a pre-dominant Muslim country, she became the first delegate to ever wear a burkini for the swimsuit competition.


Receiving much-deserved applause throughout the night, Jane Dipika Garrett shines as the second plus-size candidate to place in the semis. Confidently flaunting her beautiful physique, she embodies the next generation of queens who aren’t afraid to be who they are.

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Raising her community’s flag high and proud, Marina Machete of Portugal becomes the first transwoman to ever place in the pageant. Walking onstage and living the dream she once deemed impossible, this visibility managed to capture the hearts of many.


To grace the Miss Universe stage has been the goal of Colombia’s Camila Avella since 2017. After giving birth and getting married, she thought the day would never come.

But tonight, not only is she the second mother to compete, but she also becomes the first to enter the Top 20. Doing magnificent job, she went all the way, finishing in the Top 5.

Other noteworthy candidates include Bulgaria. At thirty years old, the first delegate to compete after the age restriction was lifted.

Truly a transformational year to break barriers, make history, and create new milestones. Miss Universe always makes sure that it is one step ahead from the rest.

Pushing forward with a legacy that empowers, this year only exemplifies why it remains as the Top pageant in the world.

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