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Tara sa Coffee Rush! A Scenic Coffee Restaurant in the South

Tara sa Coffee Rush! A Scenic Coffee Restaurant in the South

Coffee has been an essential part of every Filipino’s daily routine, one cup in the morning is sometimes not enough to bring satisfaction. Many Filipinos also enjoy ending their day with caffeine and Coffee Rush Binangonan might just be your next favorite thing.

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Coffee Rush is located in Eastridge, Binangonan Rizal, which is a short one-hour drive from Metro Manila. Nested on top of a hill, Coffee Rush became a hot spot for travelers looking for good food and a scenic view.

The Ambiance

The fantastic view seen from the restaurant captures everyone’s heart; travelers can even take a glimpse of the beautiful scenery even from the road going to the restaurant. Travelers can enjoy the view of the Metro and Laguna the Bay. It is indeed on everyone’s bucket list to enjoy the city lights with a warm or iced cup of coffee.

The restaurant also showcases Filipino heritage through its decorative piece and architecture. Given its open-air atmosphere, the restaurant gets filled with fog on cooler days, which gives you that Baguio-feels,

“Worth it byahe, affordable pa ang food parang bonus na bonus pa ang view”

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“The best dito, may pa-banda pa”

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The Menu

Coffee Rush serves both coffee-based and non-coffee-based beverages, if you prefer something stronger, they offer liquor as well, which is perfect for breezy nights! 

“Sarap ng coffee nila, perfect sa view, especially with your partner!”

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You can enjoy their coffee for as low as 125 pesos or enjoy their strawberry frappe for 130 pesos, also perfect for the kids.

Aside from their beverages, you can also have your stomachs filled with their mouth-watering Filipino meals like Beef Tapa and Longganisa.

If you are more into coffee and dessert, Coffee Rush has you covered, they offer pastries of different kinds from chocolate cookies to blueberry muffins, egg pies, mini cakes, and more! These pastries will surely satisfy your guilty pleasure.

So come and visit Coffee Rush Estridge and experience this hidden gem in the south! Follow them and book your reservations through their Facebook page here.

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