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Mind-Blowing Hyperrealistic Cake: Art or Dessert?

Mind-Blowing Hyperrealistic Cake: Art or Dessert?

Who wouldn’t be startled to see a luxury bag being slashed in front of them? And once it’s been cut, you see that it is just a… cake. Believe it or not, bakers are the culprit behind this food craze. Hyperrealistic cakes are extraordinary delights that super-talented pastry chefs create. No, they do not put fancy flowery icings on top of their cake, rather they make it as similar as possible to something they want.

Photo | Natalie Sideserf

Bag, slippers, tissue roll, dog—name it. Professional pastry chefs have already designed cakes resembling anything you can think of and they don’t want to be stopped. It’s mind-blowing how these bakers are combining dessert and art. Making a hyper-realistic cake requires crafty hands and humongous attention to detail. Just like paintings and sculptures, cake designers are also transforming cakes into a work of art.

Baker or artist?

One of the most popular hyperrealistic cake bakers is Natalie Sideserf, who owns Sideserf Cake Studio, in Austin, Texas, and a Youtube channel with the same name.

Photo | Natalie Sideserf

Natalie crafts her hyperrealistic cake designs using conventional sculpting and painting methods. FYI, Natalie has a bachelor’s degree in fine art and it is no wonder why her cakes are actual works of art.

She didn’t begin working with cake until a friend asked for a cow-skull cake for her birthday and convinced her it would be similar to sculpting. Following the good feedback on her cow-skull cake, she realized she could make a career out of designing cakes.

“I have been trying my hardest to make cakes look as realistic as possible since then.”

Natalie Sideserf

According to her, some cakes, like a banana-sculpted cake, only require two hours of her time, but some of the more complicated ones can require a massive 40-hour workweek. She has been actively producing sculpted cakes for roughly eight years. 

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Natalie claims that practice is what it takes to create hyperrealistic cakes and it’s not something that you just learn overnight. Bust cakes are her favorite cakes to make because she finds them very challenging. A bust cake is a life-sized sculpted cake of a character or person, depicting its head and neck.

A lifelike bust cake of country music legend Willie Nelson created by Natalie Sideserf in 2012 that started her worldwide recognition.

Every time Natalie posts a new hyperrealistic cake online, her talent is always praised. Her jaw-dropping cake creations surely never fail to amaze viewers. 

Everyone likes cakes, whether they are children or adults. Cakes are wonderful and delicious desserts, and thus they are an essential component of many celebrations. But nowadays, making cakes has become a means of showcasing one’s artistic abilities.

Indeed, hyperrealism in cake decoration is food for the eyes and the mouth!

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