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Meet Dionela, The Hidden Gem of OPM

Meet Dionela, The Hidden Gem of OPM


The term ‘hidden gem‘ embodies the idea of a captivating treasure that is not yet widely known. Hence, Dionela, the Filipino vocalist, epitomizes the essence of this concept. He is the hidden gem of Original Pilipino Music (OPM) that deserves greater acknowledgment.

Meet Dionela, The Hidden Gem of OPM

Supporting and listening to local artists like Zild and numerous others is indeed a captivating experience. Dionela stands out among these local talents for creating profoundly beautiful and meaningful music.

He belongs to a select group of artists who authentically reveal the raw beauty of songwriting. Occasionally, he shares glimpses of his creative process during songwriting through his TikTok videos.

Furthermore, he draws inspiration from his long-time girlfriend, who not only serves as his muse but also lends her artistic talent to create some of his album artwork.
Just like his song ‘Musika,’ it started as a melody played on the piano by his significant other, which he then made into a fully produced composition.

Certainly, their relationship is a testament to the fact that it truly takes two to tango.

He released his recent song, ‘Oksihina,’ on September 8th. According to him, ‘Oksihina‘ is a song he wrote during a period of severe illness that potentially threatened his life in 2021. This poignant composition serves as his final musical testament and a heartfelt love letter to his beloved during that challenging period.

The backstory of this song is what makes this masterpiece one of a kind.
His survival from the illness ensures that he can continue contributing to the OPM industry by creating more music.

Let’s wholeheartedly embrace and support OPM because there are countless emerging artists and musicians waiting to astound us with their incredible music.

Listening to such music can help us recognize that we possess the ability to do more than just sing well in karaoke; we can also convey captivating stories through melodies. Moreover, we can discover the profound beauty of our language as it can be skillfully woven into a song.

Let’s support our local artists, acknowledging and appreciating them for their outstanding talent. And, dive into Dionela’s musical catalog on Spotify and explore the treasure trove of his songs!

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