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Delightful Day at Tivoli Royale’s ‘Eat and Be Merry’ Luncheon

Delightful Day at Tivoli Royale’s ‘Eat and Be Merry’ Luncheon

As the holiday season inches closer, the pleasant yearning to reunite with loved ones surely comes to mind. And a meal shared with family and friends further strengthens the bond. What if I told you can treat them to both relaxation and adventure alike in the heart of the metro? We’re talking feast by refreshing pools, and endless sports and recreational fun.

Sounds fun, right? All these and more will welcome you as you rendezvous here at Tivoli Royale Country Club, sitting at the cradle of Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

The recently renovated country club offers the best to its members. And they take pride in the delicious victuals crafted and served by their stellar roster of chefs and hospitality personnel. One of which Village Pipol Magazine acquired a good look and taste.

If one plans to curate their selection of meals, guests can give their bestsellers a try; The very star dishes in Eat and Be Merry’s table served this week.

Village Pipol Magazine had the honor to dine in the delightful sit-down lunch at the Royale Lounge, the all-day restaurant sitting by the twin cerulean pools, with depths suitable for adults and children alike. We would soon be delighted with this year’s holiday specials on the afternoon of November 22, 2022. 

Tivoli Royale Country Club’s Pools

The Luncheon’s Highlight: Holiday Specials line-up

Lunch arrived and so did aromatic scents wafting in the hall. Quintessential pieces of selected cuisines join this listing of their menu’s ‘International Flair’ category. BBQ Pork Ribs, among others, plates together corn on the cob, fries, and the very barbeque sauce-coated pork cut. Tivoli Royale is also set to introduce a new flavor profile and tasteful experience with a new dish they’re set to add to their menu by the following year.

International Cuisine Specials

Their culmination of international cuisines also gathers the likes of Eggs Benedict. Royale’s take on the classic breakfast, with savory bacon and cloud-esque poached eggs, respectively resting on the bed of English muffins. Meanwhile, Royale’s Buffalo Wings dons a tolerable heat, highlighting a tangy and sweet taste.

Pizzas and Pasta selection transports you to its rightful origin land. Particularly, their Spinach and Ricotta Pizza which blankets the surface with its piquant, luscious pull of the soft buttery toppings of the white cheese and complementary greens. All spreading up to its crust. Accompanied by the Italian staple Garlic Bread, Fettuccine Bolognese pasta blends herbs, minced beef, parmesan cheese, and tomatoes into one hearty dish.

On the other hand, Royale Club Sandwich hits home. With its flavorful stacks of chicken spread, swiss cheese, greens & tomatoes, with fries on the side.

Home-country Specials

Guests can always fly back home to the local specials. Try their entre of scrumptious classic meals, ever familiar to the Filipino palate but made extra special, ala Royale. Filipino staples Pancit Canton Royale and Free Range Chicken Inasal also made their way to the bestsellers’ lane. Served with the choice of pork and chicken, pickled papaya & java rice, respectively. Their version of Sisig, never the least from the list, comes in with a pleasant kick of heat, distributed in generously chopped meat, emanating umami.

Heavenly deserts lane

Heading to desserts, the perfectly seasoned, crumbly-chewy, and delectable assorted cookies match the motif of the holiday season. Coming in hues of olives and crimson, the Matcha and Red Velvet variants fold in generous amounts of white chocolate. All the while balancing saltiness, one unique flavor profile in a dessert.

Its perfect union of sweetness and saltiness does not overwhelm the senses, instead wraps up the entire course on a sweet note. You can tell by now that it made its way to being my personal favorite. 

The likes of yogurt-based Mango Parfait with muesli and Power Bowl made a pleasant entrance to the banquet with their vibrant colors, truly salubrious. Perfect way to commence your active day at the country club.

The hands behind the dishes

Head of the kitchen, Chef Emmanuel ‘Jonnel’ Roxas shines as Royale’s pride and joy. He came out of his workstation earnestly greeting the guests with his bubbly smile and good-natured mingling. He crafted this year’s food offering which sure took our palates for a ride. Chef Jonnel further treated us to a photo opportunity.

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Executive Chef Emmanuel ‘Jonnel’ Roxas

Things to do next…

Well, that is one amazing dining experience, isn’t it? Finally, after one filling feast, you can also enjoy a pleasant amble in the country club’s many amenities. All the while beholding abundant greens and exquisite Italian-esque architecture. For a caffeine boost, whether to start your morning or extend it further at midnight, you can head upstairs to Bean Leaf’s (Coffee and Tea) floor for a new set of refreshments. Another flight upstairs will lead you to the rooftops to take in the spectacular views of the neighboring places, San Mateo and Antipolo.

Beanleaf (Coffee & Tea)

For active individuals, have loads of fun in the country club’s Game Room which offers its four-lane bowling alley, cobalt billiard pools & tennis tables, dart boards, and arcade zones. To its far back, guests can rest on the lounge and access their indoor simulated golfing. On your break, have a second round of grub at the snack bar of the same location. 

Sports areas also spread at the breadth of the vicinity. Get your game on breaking a sweat inside their conducive courts for sports namely; Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis, and Badminton.

Being a kid at heart, the swing at the playground area by the pool became my company. A youthful and colorful addition to the club’s amenities. It also sits parallel to the two-story Driving Range and Pitch N’ Putt areas.

Tivoli Royale’s Shooting and Golf Range

Bid goodbye to the city life for a while, and escape to where comfort and play reside together. Come visit Tivoli Royale for this year’s fancy and festive holiday getaway with your family.

You can find Tivoli Royale Country Club at Yakal Street, Tivoli Royale Subdivision, Quezon City. To know more, head over to Tivoli Royale Country Club’s Facebook Page, Tivoli Royale Country Club’s Instagram, and their official website.

In-Article Photos and Captions by Howie Regalado.

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