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INSTAGRAM RAID: Alexa Ilacad as a woman of substance

INSTAGRAM RAID: Alexa Ilacad as a woman of substance

Alexandra Madarang Ilacad, otherwise known as Alexa Ilacad, is a 22-year-old actress under the talent agency Star Magic. With her acting prowess since her childhood, it is no doubt that success has its way of finding her. From singing to acting, she is unrestricted. That being said, let us wander through her Instagram account to see how fit she is in being called “a woman of substance” who carries so much passion and influence from the inside out.

Alexa Ilacad and her creative side

As An Actress

Who would not admire someone who has shared the gift of creativity bestowed upon her, right? Alexa, being the versatile actress she is, starred in various television commercials when she was still a kid. This includes her appearance in one of the Vaseline shampoo advertisements, where Alexa was as bubbly as ever. The actress also made efforts to become one of her generation’s promising stars, as witnessed in many shows.

From being a Goin’ Bulilit (a kiddie gag show) member back in 2008, Alexa has leveled up by playing various roles in television series and movies of ABS-CBN since then. Among the few characters she portrayed were Luna Dela Cuesta (The Killer Bride), Hasmin (Santigwar), Bobbie Salazar (Four Sisters Before the Wedding), and Hannah Salcedo (Init sa Magdamag). 

As A Singer

The creativity in her does not end here. She appears now and then in ASAP Natin ‘To, performing her covers of many hit songs alongside her original compositions. And speaking of Alexa’s originals, she has already released several albums starting mid-2012 (TOP: Tweens of Pop) up to this point in 2022 (Run To Me). All of which you can listen to on platforms like Spotify.

Moreover, she appeared and performed in different music videos, showcasing the best of her two worlds. We still have months before the year ends, yet Alexa has already showered us with lots of talent, love, and intellect in these music videos titled “Paano,” “Pag-Isipan Mo Ang Boto Mo,” “Misteryo,” “TagumPIE,” and “Pabalik Sa’yo.” Some of these were performances by Alexa herself; others were artists with whom she got the chance to collaborate, such as the other half of KdLex, KD Estrada, Benedix Ramos, and Darren Espanto. 

She knows what she is up to

At such a young age, Alexa Ilacad already knows what she will prioritize in life and what is not. Take, for instance, how she graduated with a 1.0 GPA this year while maintaining balance in both her acting and singing careers. For the actress, getting that marketing degree is her “greatest achievement.” Her path was not a piece of cake; regardless of the circumstances, she was “determined to finish strong” in college.

She uses her platform for the greater good

The 22-year-old singer-actress recognizes her massive following across her social media platforms, including Instagram, where she has 3.7 million followers now. Hence, she did not waste any chance in using it to boost different initiatives intended for their fellow Kapamilyas. At times of difficulties, Alexa Ilacad never hesitates to come forward and be of helping hand. 

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Her kindness is not merely for human beings, as she willingly extends it to domestic animals like dogs and cats. In fact, she feeds the strays inside their village every time, so long as she is at home and not piled up by work. More than this, she is also a proud fur parent. Alexa owns a 7-year-old Maltese dog, Blush, a 2-year-old Persian cat, Chill, rescued puspin, Doja, and Peanut Butter, a new-owned dog by Alexa from her loving and supportive fans club.

Alexa Ilacad embraces her individuality now more than ever

It is no secret that the young actress became a controversial subject during her stay inside the Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) house. Here, Alexa bravely opened up about her struggles with appreciating herself, particularly regarding her body shape. The problem is that we never really know when we will be able to declare ourselves healed. But the young lady is making an effort to completely love and appreciate herself more.

Needless to say, Alexa Ilacad is a woman of substance. She possesses intelligence, beauty, creativity, and kindness, but most importantly, she has strength. Go and see her socials to become updated with her latest ganaps!

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