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Born Pink: 4 Iconic Pink BLACKPINK Looks

Born Pink: 4 Iconic Pink BLACKPINK Looks

Fashion seems like a prerequisite for idols. Looks are important! Members of the popular K-Pop girl group BLACKPINK—JISOO, JENNIE, ROSÉ, and LISA are definitely not exempted from that requirement. Being the ambassadresses of multiple luxury fashion and beauty brands such as Dior, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Celine, BLACKPINK sophisticatedly leads in the fashion area. With their pre-release single Pink Venom coming up on the 19th of August, it only feels right to look back at the four iconic pink outfits they truly slayed.

Photo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Here Are the Pink BLACKPINK Looks You Must See As the Born Pink Era Unfolds

JISOO’s Pink Long Sleeve Top in FOREVER YOUNG Performance at SBS Inkigayo

Oldest among the four, JISOO flaunted her undeniable youthful look in this pink plaid dress. Styling her Rosie Assoulin outfit with a pink hair tie adorned with pink balls, JISOO indeed sealed that fresh ensemble. Not only did she give their FOREVER YOUNG performance a sweet justice, JISOO also showed that she stays forever young and beautiful.

Photo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

JENNIE’s Pink Modern Hanbok in How You Like That

Dubbed as the Human Chanel by her fans, JENNIE evidently already cemented a fashion icon reputation. She never fails to wow the crowd with her consistent trendy styles. So it is no surprise that JENNIE managed to amaze us, once again, with her pink modern hanbok outfit in the How You Like That music video and live performance. This Danha creation hinted that JENNIE really owns an exceptional vogue DNA that makes us bound to like her.

ROSÉ’s Pink Gown in On The Ground

Not only did ROSÉ serve us with a rosy vocal performance in On The Ground music video, she also enchanted us with a blooming pink gown look. This Alex Perry’s Elena Silk-twill Gown truly emphasized her ethereal beauty. Slaying both in the music and fashion scene, ROSÉ really knows everything that we need. A true fashionista on the ground!

Photo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

LISA’s Pink Suit in DDU-DU DDU-DU

LISA indeed hit us with badass dance and rap performances in the DDU-DU DDU-DU music video. Moreover, she proved that her strong suits involve slaying a perfectly combined pink suit. This flawless mix of ALYX Cairo Blazer and Gangster Pants, BALENCIAGA Knife Boots, and BLACKPINK Official Light Stick gives a young and wild energy. An ensemble LISA rocked in a true BLACKPINK fashion.

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Photo | BLACKPINK/YouTube

Wait No More

After a long wait, BLACKPINK will finally release their single Pink Venom to begin the Born Pink era. The girls are teasing us with pink outfits, snippets, and concepts to look forward. Sure this comeback will be another hit in the music charts. Their looks will set the bar high, once again, in the K-Pop fashion scene.

So, what are you waiting? Look over your wardrobes now and try to recreate these pink ensembles as you wait for the Born Pink era to hit your area.

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