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BLACKPINK; From K-Pop Queens to Fashion Royalties

BLACKPINK; From K-Pop Queens to Fashion Royalties

While BLACKPINK has already been busy dominating the music scene, these ladies have also been reigning over the fashion industry.

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As a group, BLACKPINK has landed themselves several endorsement deals, but how about individually? Oh boy, you’re in for a ride. Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa have become the very face of not just one, but several high-end brands. Even during their long hiatus in the music scene, these ladies have been the talk of the town for gracing and being the guest of honor on numerous fashion weeks.


BLACKPINK’s eldest member and visual and lead vocalist of BLACKPINK – Kim Jisoo, she’s known for having the face best suited for Korean standards. However, it’s not just her face that made her the ambassador of two renowned fashion and beauty giants: Dior and Cartier.

Although quirky, Jisoo is the member that exudes best the aura of grace and elegance. With her facial features that just present the perfect quality of a classy and sophisticated woman, BLACKPINK’s eldest and visual is the right fit to represent both Dior and Cartier to the world.


Kim Jennie, main rapper and lead vocalist of BLACKPINK. Perhaps when talking about fashion as a whole, Jennie is the member of the group that’s the most well-versed. After all, she didn’t become Vogue’s fashion editor for nothing. Because of her charisma and eye for glamour, Jennie became the house ambassador for Chanel and global ambassador for Calvin Klein.

Dubbed the Human Chanel, even before her partnership with the brand; Jennie has long been proving her loyalty to Chanel. Furthermore, her sexy and fierce charisma made its way to the American brand Calvin Klein, making her the first Korean to honor the famous Houston Street Calvin Klein billboard in NYC.


Park Chaeyoung, famously known as Rosé, serves as BLACKPINK’s main vocalist and lead dancer. Rosé for sure is the most passionate when it comes to music, however, that passion and fire within her simply cannot be contained with music alone. Before long, her influence extends over to the fashion industry, thus making her the global ambassador for Tiffany & Co. and of course, Yves Saint Laurent.

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With an image and persona of a chic, intense, and liberating woman, Rosé proves herself befitting as the human embodiment of the brand YSL. It is also because of her boldness and confidence that Tiffany & Co. sought after Rosé.


The maknae, main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist – that’s Lalisa Manoban of BLACKPINK. Without a doubt, when it comes to stage command, Lisa is the general. She can be bold yet cute, sensual yet sophisticated, passionate and confident. Taking all of this into account, Celine and BVLGARI hit the jackpot when they signed Lisa as their global ambassador.

Undoubtedly the most followed member with a large margin on Instagram, every update she posts for the brands she represents makes gold. Lisa is an icon that leaves a strong impression for her striking and daring features and qualities.

BLACKPINK as a whole is already the pinnacle for girl groups; however, in addition – Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are the very definition of luxury, style, talent, and success.

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