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If you’re not happy in a relationship, just leave and don’t cheat

If you’re not happy in a relationship, just leave and don’t cheat


Relationships can become rocky as time goes by because of the discoveries you have with your partner. At times, you may have found out that your partner has a differing attitude you cannot stand.

Furthermore, you may also found out some of their toxicities you cannot tolerate. Yes, you’re not an emotional punching bag. However, you have the freedom to choose whether you’ll keep the relationship or just leave the table because respect is no longer being served.

If you’re not happy in a relationship, just leave and don’t cheat.

The three bare minimums in a relationship are loverespect, and trust. In simple words, these three can become your standards when you’re looking for something long-term. And, when one of those bare minimums is no longer served, chances are the relationship can start to crumble.

However, the worst thing that you could ever do to your partner is cheat on them. Moreover, cheating will never be acceptable nor will it become a downfall that you can use as your potential testimony in the latter part of the relationship. If you don’t feel reciprocated or happy anymore, just leave. That would cause them less damage than wondering if they deserved all dishonesties.

Entering relationships is a choice, and so is cheating.

Upon entering a relationship, it’s already a choice you commit yourself to the person. You committed that you’ll love this person wholeheartedly without any half-hearted promises. However, it’s normal for a relationship to have bad moments as it will challenge both parties in keeping the relationship.

When you cheat, you are doing the same process as entering your first relationship. Furthermore, you already chose to drop the three bare minimums of a relationship.

Cheating will damage the person in general.

The person being cheated on might damage their outlook on love because of their partner’s lack of honesty. Moreover, it can also damage how the person perceives themselves.

Cheating may also cause the person to have trust issues that could affect their next relationship. Moreover, cheating, in general damages, the person’s mental health because of the anxieties and overthinking that might keep them up all night.

Before you cheat on someone just because of unhappiness. First, think about the possible damage that you could do to a person.

If you’re not happy and the three bare minimums are no longer being served, feel free to leave the table. You deserve happiness as well as the other person. So, be happy without hurting anyone.

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