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Five reasons why we need our grandparents in our lives

Five reasons why we need our grandparents in our lives

I had the most wonderful grandparents. Although they are no longer with us, there are no days that pass without them entering my thoughts.

They are one of the biggest blessings in my life growing up. My Lolo Ernesto and Lola Anita took care of me and my other siblings when my mom struggled to do so. I’m not saying our situation is ideal, but it made me grateful for the old, frail hands that guided me.

This Sunday, September 12, we will be celebrating Grandparent’s Day in the Philippines. In line with this special occasion, our team is sharing a few good reasons why our grandparents are essential in our lives, whatever age we are in.

Grandparents teach us to respect family traditions

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Grandparents can be great teachers when it comes to traditions, and they can help us connect to our past. Sure, others may think traditions do not have any value in these modern times. To grow and mature as an individual, however, we must know our roots through our grandparents’ stories. We can always make new traditions for our own family, but keeping the good old ones is not a bad idea.

Grandparents can be great confidants and companions

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It’s not uncommon for Filipino households to have both parents working and there is no one to stay home with the kids. So, it’s really cool if your grandparents can stay with you when Mom and Dad are both unavailable.

My fondest memory from my grandfather Ernesto is every time he got his pension allowance. He would often buy me books instead of toys. I was really thankful that he encouraged my passion for learning through his simple ways.

Grandparents help us to have a better understanding of relationships

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Our generation today easily gives in on people, but suddenly loses interest in them after only months. Our grandparents’ marriage may be far from perfect, but it stood the test of time. If there’s a problem, they work on it and do not throw away the relationship.

For that reason, there is none better to give relationship advice than them. They will probably tell you how to keep your relationships stronger. But for such a conversation to happen, it’s important that you maintain an open and friendly bond with your grandparents.

Grandparents can teach us basic skills that are useful in real life

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Today, many families do not have time for each other. Because of that, they don’t find the time to teach children simple skills. However, grandparents have the time and these skills, and they are often more patient when it comes to teaching these.

Basic skills like sewing on a button, pumping air into bicycle tires, folding towels, or tightening screws are simple can make a huge difference when taught. Way back, my grandfather was a good cook overseas so he made an effort to teach us how to cook the usual Filipino dishes. Until now, cooking is one of my hobbies this quarantine, making me sane and productive.

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Grandparents can be our role models

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If your lolo and lola are living a happy and contented life, they can become your role models.

Seeing that they don’t have regrets in their decisions in life, in general, can make you think about following in their steps and good examples. I admit that lola had a huge influence on my passion for writing since she was an excellent editor.

Also, she often reminded my sisters and me to not fully depend on someone, even though if that person was your husband. She said women must always have the capacity to earn for themselves so they can walk away in case of physical abuse, cheating, or any other circumstance.

I can tell you ten more reasons but we don’t need reasons to love our grandparents. Blessed are those who have their grandparents around them. So this coming Grandparents’ Day, make sure to let them know that you love and cherish them.

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