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4 Workout YouTube Videos You Should Follow To Burn The Holiday Weight

4 Workout YouTube Videos You Should Follow To Burn The Holiday Weight

Is working out included in your New Year’s Resolutions? With the official start of a new year coming, the desire to be physically fit and achieve that beach body is at a seasonal high. Gyms usually get a higher amount of people at the start of January. Especially, for all those people who follow through with said resolutions. However, some gyms remain close due to the worldwide pandemic as people try to avoid the spread of the deadly COVID-19.

4 Workout YouTube Videos You Should Follow To Burn The Holiday Weight

Dance Workout

Caleb Marshall created his YouTube channel in 2014 and he has since provided a steady stream of entertaining, heart-pumping, and user-friendly dance videos that are perfect for a quick cardio session. Dance videos also make you quickly forget the exercise aspect of it as infectious rhythms take over. Although his videos are a little bit short, you can compile a few into a playlist with your favorite songs for a longer workout.

With Weights

Best friends and trainers Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott started their fitness business with a YouTube channel Tone It Up. Aside from their YouTube and website, they also get their profit from highly-praised nutrition and yearly workout DVDs. They post daily plans combining multiple videos from the channel to create a full workout with and without weights.

No-Equipment Cardio Workout

Jessica Smith is a certified personal trainer and showcases her 15-year experience in the form of her weekly and full-length videos in an organized fashion on her YouTube channel. Aside from meditation and walking practices, she also has a highly-recommended HIIT for Beginners series and an accompanying free four-week plan. She also has a cleanly divided thirteen playlists on her channel where you can choose which one works for you the most.


Yoga instructor Adriene Mishler has videos on weight loss with a juxtaposition of calming words and sweat-inducing poses. She has practices focusing on specific ailments like anxiety and migraines. She also runs a range of mind-body improvements that includes focused clips detailing the proper form of popular poses. Aside from that, she also carefully instructs users on the basics of yoga in a safe manner.

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