Iconic lines from Barbie Forteza’s Klay in ‘Maria Clara At Ibarra’


Maria Clara “Klay” Infantes, or Barbie Forteza’s character in the groundbreaking series Maria Clara At Ibarra, will forever be iconic.

This Gen-Z nursing girl transmigrated inside Jose Rizal’s novel, taking us on her exciting, unmatched adventures. Not only did Klay live a life in the fictional but reality-based ancient Philippines, but she also met several characters. Some may have become her friends, or others became enemies, but both taught her a lesson.

In summary, Klay struggled to survive in a place where abuse of power, injustices, and gender inequality were rampant. As she navigated this backward world, she gave us these clap-worthy moments, loudly screaming the power of a woman.

Here are some hard-to-forget lines from Barbie Forteza’s Binibining Klay:

Pasensya na po, mga lolo (Episode 3)

Klay made a grand entrance in episode 3 of Maria Clara At Ibarra. While having her meal courtesy of Dennis Trillo’s Crisostomo Ibarra, she overheard the other table belittling women like her. Denouncing the idea that women should be confined as wives, she said:

“Pasensya na po, mga lolo. Narinig ko kasi ang usapan niyo eh. Grabe naman kayo makapang-insulto ng mga babae.  Hindi niyo alam, darating ang araw, kahit ang mga kaapu-apuhan niyong babae, mag-aaral din sa unibersidad.

Magiging nurse, doktor, abogada, ekonomista, meron pang magiging presidente ng Pilipinas– na babae. Oh, ano masasabi niyo do’n?”

I hate to say this (Episode 8)

Episode 8 is one of the most memorable events in the series, especially for FiLay shippers. Here, David Licauco’s Fidel, a known misogynist, clashes with Klay, who refuses to give up on fighting for her belief. They had a heated exchange of arguments, resulting in a blown-up ego of the young elite. Yet, our brave feminist dared to state her final piece.

“I hate to say this, Mr. Fidel Y Mag– whatever your name is. But your idiotic and, yes, your misogynistic outburst is quite annoying!”

Pilipino ka ring ungas ka! (Episode 20)

A true fighter is not the type to surrender, even when faced with the threat of violence. That is what Klay did by saving Sisa from getting arrested for false accusations. She called out fellow Filipinos posing as Spanish law-enforcing officers to lecture them about crab mentality.

“Manahimik ka nga! Kanina pa ako pikon na pikon sayo eh. Pilipino ka ring ungas ka! Kapwa mo ang dapat pinoprotektahan mo. Pero ano? Kapwa Pilipino, babae– sinasaktan mo? Ilalaglag mo ang kababayan mo dahil nagpapabudol ka sa mga naghahari-harian sa bayang ‘to?”

Mananagot ka rin sa Diyos (Episode 23)

In episode 23, Klay broke down after discovering she failed to protect Sisa’s vulnerable children. Despite her efforts to change the novel’s plot, the characters followed their tragic path as written. Thus, it prompted Forteza’s role to confront Juancho Trivino’s Padre Salvi regarding the death of one of the sacristans, Crispin.

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“Pinatay ba (si Crispin)? Alam kong patay na siya, Padre. At siguradong–sigurado akong may kinalaman ka. Sabi nga ng toccayo ko, ‘God is watching,’ Padre. Hindi mo man ako sagutin, pero mananagot ka pa rin sa Diyos.”

Men have no right (Episode 35)

Barbie Forteza earned the sympathy of many in delivering yet another remarkable scene. In a banquet, Klay learned that women are forbidden to join men’s chat rooms. Fueled to insist on her worth, she decided to engage herself. However, upon entering the discussion, she was mocked and told to quiet down, but she did the opposite.

“Men have no right to tell women to shut up!”

Wala kang mararating, Maria Clara (Episode 36)

This confrontation scene with Julie Anne San Jose’s Maria Clara was rather heart-wrenching than stirring. Following a series of ridiculing moments, the outcast Klay took her exit at the party, where Clarita would later go around with her. Soon, the two antithetical figures will collide.

“Hindi mo nga nakikita, Maria Clara. Pero ako, kitang-kita ko ang mga rehas na nakapalibot sa dito– sa akin, sayo! Wala kang mararating, Maria Clara, kung mananatili ka sa kinalalagyan mo ngayon at hahayan mong ikulong ang sarili mo.  Alam mo (pa) kung ano’ng pinaka masakit? Kayong mga babae rito mismo ang ipinagkakait ang halaga at kapangyarihan niyo.”

Truly, Barbie Forteza as Binibining Klay is something to embed in memory. Which of these lines hit you the most?

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