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LIST: All the remarkable roles Barbie Forteza played before ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’

LIST: All the remarkable roles Barbie Forteza played before ‘Maria Clara at Ibarra’


As GMA’s “Maria Clara At Ibarra” continues to soar with excellent feedback, actress Barbie Forteza is well-received by the viewers. In character as Klay Infantes, Forteza is wowing everyone with her stint as a troubled Gen Z who transmigrates into the world of Jose Rizal’s novel. Some netizens even claim that this could be her peak acting prowess.

However, to say that Maria Clara at Ibarra is the quantum leap of the 25-year-old actress— it’s like an overlook of Forteza’s time-tested caliber. It serves no justice to the artistry of the Kapuso Primetime Princess, who has spent more than a decade in showbiz.

Hence, here’s a list of all the significant TV roles Barbie Forteza played throughout the years.

Stairway to Heaven (2009)

An adaptation of the hit South Korean series of the same name, Stairway to Heaven marks the television debut of Forteza. Here, she gives justification to the young “Jodi,” the female lead played by Rhian Ramos.

Photo from: GMA Network

Pilyang Kerubin (2010)

Only a year after her debut appearance, Forteza got the chance to become the main protagonist through Pilyang Kerubin. Since she portrays a fallen cherub struggling to return to the afterworld, it could not be more perfect with her natural angelic features.

Photo from: IMDb

Reel Love Presents: Tween Hearts (2010-2012)

Tween Hearts is the true breakthrough of Barbie Forteza. She achieved extreme popularity through this program alongside other teen artists. Monumentally, it is also the heyday of her tandem with Joshua Dionisio. Their love team was called JoshBie.

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Anna Karenina (2013)

In 2013, an opportunity knocked for Forteza to headline the revival of the 1996 GMA series “Anna Karenina.” She relived the character of “Karen,” who previously belonged to Sunshine Dizon. Co-teen actresses Krystal Reyes and Joyce Ching joined her.

Photo from: LionHeartTV

The Half-Sisters (2014-2016)

A hit afternoon drama, The Half-Sisters was also an essential turning point for Forteza’s career. The show achieved commercial success with an extended airing period. In the same year it concluded, Forteza led the movie Laut, where she won the Fantas’ Best Actress award.

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Meant To Be (2017)

Forteza’s role as Billie in Meant To Be was among the most iconic. She is with four leading men in a romantic-comedy setup for the first time. Besides the television prime registering high ratings, viewers loved the chemistry between all pairings in the show.

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Inday Will Always Love You (2018)

Inday Will Always Love You put Forteza’s comedic acting to more test. As a result, she proved herself more than just being capable. In this project, she partnered with the Kapuso hunk Derrick Monasterio, a colleague from their Tween Hearts days.

Photo from: GMA Network

Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune (2022)

Lastly, Forteza kept up with some big names in the industry in Mano Po Legacy: The Family Fortune. David Licauco and Rob Gomez were her potential love interests in this program. The former currently plays “Fidel” in Maria Clara at Ibarra.

Photo from: The Manila Times

See? Barbie Forteza has had a long way in her acting journey since she began as an artist. May this list remind you of how talented and versatile she is!

Maria Clara at Ibarra airs on GMA Telebabad every weekday at 8 PM. Full episodes and other exclusive content are uploaded on YouTube.

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