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I Am Team Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty

I Am Team Conrad in The Summer I Turned Pretty

Are you Team Conrad or Team Jeremiah? A direct question because this would be all about the eldest Fisher. So, I warn you before you further read, but otherwise, you should stay.

The Summer I Turned Pretty is a summer romance where the Conklin family always stays at the Cousins every summer. Belly Conklin and his brother Steven are childhood friends with the Fisher siblings, Conrad and Jeremiah. However, when Belly turns pretty, she catches the eyes of the Fishers and gets entangled in a complicated romance between two brothers.

This show is adapted from the trilogy books, written by Jenny Han— the same author of the To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before book series. Since then, readers hold a small debate on who is the better Fisher for Belly. But here’s my take, I am in Team Conrad, and here are the reasons why:

1. He is a lowkey and mysterious guy

I got it bad for the types of Conrad Fisher who’s quiet but smiles at you. Maybe because I grew up reading romance fiction on Wattpad or AO3, typically featuring a male protagonist who got the same personality. But Conrad, being the laidback in the Fisher siblings, compliments how bubbly Belly is. He may be typically grumpy in Season 1 but he got it really bad for Belly whenever she’s around.

2. He loves Belly since childhood

Since childhood, Conrad always adores Belly. He sincerely loves her even before she turned pretty in the summer of Season 1. It’s evident in the books, as well as the snippet of him teaching Belly how to dance when they were children. Moreover, Conrad said to Belly that she liked her with glasses at the beginning— it may come out like teasing or what but he really did even when she wore them before. Conrad got his eyes fixed on Belly ever since, he’s just in denial and almost always caught in fear to admit it.

3. He is good at playing sports

I stan a multitalented guy as Conrad knows how to play football, volleyball, and sailing. We have not seen how he played football on the show but that his love in the books. However, Conrad and Belly are rather a good team in playing volleyball, too. That is one of the best moments of the two and it shows how they naturally gravitate toward one another. Also, those small gestures they executed when they achieve a goal on the court, that’s too cute!

4. He is not the toxic Fisher

I cannot defend Conrad when sometimes he got to act like a jerk to Belly because she did not deserve any of that. But to label Conrad as a toxic guy, he is not like that at all. The reason why he got mood swings may be hard to decipher at first, but when you watched the shows or read the books, then you know the reason behind it. He carries a burden that only he knows but he did try to open up with his problem to Belly for he always trusts her. It’s just every timing is not right as they always got interrupted.

5. He is cute, I’m sorry

It’s undeniable how the Fisher siblings really got that head-turner looks. But I still go for Team Conrad. This should be included in the reasons because why not? He is cute, got a nice hair, and looks even more handsome when he smiles. But when Conrad got a poker face, he has that aura that still pulls everyone for he emits mysteriousness. For other Team Conrad out there, we love a charismatic man!

6. He saves Belly in the Debutante Ball

This scene at the Deb Ball will always be at the top of my favorite scenes of Belly and Conrad. That moment is really enchanting and magical! But no hate towards Jeremiah when he ditched her because he got a valid reason for that. But still, that scene is the highlight of the show as the chemistry between the two is over the top. Also, it reminds me of how they used to dance when they were young— a truly special moment for the two.

7. He is a Taylor Swift guy

Conrad being a Taylor Swift guy is perfect because he does really fit Miss Blondie’s songs. Almost every scene of Belly and Conrad in the show plays a Taylor Swift song in the background, so it’s an added point! Team Conrad wins because when False God, The Way I Loved You (Taylor’s version), and This Love (Taylor’s Version) are featured, those scenes are all iconic for Belly and Conrad moments!

8. He really loves his mom

Both Fisher siblings love their mom the most. But this love feels heavier for Conrad in Season 1 because only he knew the truth of their mother’s condition; as well as the state of their parent’s relationship. Being the eldest comes with great responsibility but Conrad is breaking apart for that. The way the Fisher siblings cried in the last episode, surely got the viewers in tears, too.

9. He gives significant gifts to Belly

I tell you, Conrad is a sentimental guy. This is never revealed in the show, but Conrad gave Junior Mint, that white teddy bear of Belly in her room. He always aims for gifts that have meaning in them like how he also bought the infinity necklace for Belly‘s 16th birthday. It just sucks how he never gave it to her even if it is inside his pocket. He got scared for he still carried his personal burdens and thought Belly don’t deserve any of that.

10. He is the real end game

I’m sorry again but book readers know that Conrad is the end game. Belly and Conrad will go through a lot more complicated things, but they are still meant for each other. It’s cute how Belly always likes Conrad, while he does too in secret. However, for the upcoming Season 2 of the show, let us prepare our hearts Team Conrad because this will break us. 

All respect for Team Jeremiah out there, because Jere does love Belly too. The Fisher siblings just got a different love language. But that sums up my 10 reasons why I am Team Conrad.

So, if you still have not watched The Summer I Turned Pretty, then I suggest you should do so already! The conflicting romance in this show will get you through different emotions that you should not miss out on before Season 2 comes out!

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