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Five Reasons To Watch “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

Five Reasons To Watch “The Summer I Turned Pretty”

Feel the teenage summer lovin’ romance by Prime Video’s must-watch treat The Summer I Turned Pretty. It is the newest adaptation of Jenny Han’s young adult novel, which includes the To All Boys trilogy.

A teenage summer romance that unfolds the coming-of-age story of Belly Conklin (Lola Tung). A story beautifully depicts teenage love, heartbreak, and friendship which takes place at Cousin’s Beach, North Carolina.

Five Reasons To Watch The Summer I Turned Pretty

Perfect casting

Lola Tung plays the character of Belly Conklin. As a newcomer actress, she definitely nailed and so us the other leads that make the movie so good.

According to the people who read the book, every character in the series is exactly how they pictured it in the book. It is a great pressure to find the perfect lead for the character and they absolutely gave justice to it.

Characters such as Conrad Fisher played by Christopher Briney and Jeremiah Fisher Gavin Casalegno were perfectly portrayed by the lead actors.

They were incredibly attractive and very likable and I find myself searching their Instagram account after watching the show.

Intriguing love triangle

It is indeed a #COMPLICATED young love. The pretty Belly is caught in a love triangle with the two Fisher brothers. It is between her crush ever since she was a little girl named, Conrad, and her childhood best friend, Jeremiah. It is versus the introverted and brooding elder brother and the extroverted golden boy.

So are you Team Jeremiah or Team Conrad?

Awesome soundtrack

One thing you need to know in this The Summer I Turned Pretty is that Taylor Swift herself especially re-recorded the song for the TV series. The more incredible soundtrack that the show features such as more songs by Taylor, Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, Dua Lipa, and many more. The songs really catch the story per episode and even find yourself vibing to it.

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Not A Typical Pretty Summer Romance

This is not only the story of the blooming summer romance of Belly. Before this complicated love story, she, Steven (Belly’s Brother) Conrad, and Jeremiah have also been lifelong friends. Furthermore, their mothers Laurel and Susannah, have been best friends forever. They have been for each other in every journey, through thick and thin.

I truly love seeing this kind of friendship play on the screen. It makes me inspired to be a better person for the people I have right now. And, of course, who doesn’t want that?

The beachy vibe

Summer means sea, sand, and beach. This show is giving that ultimate beachy summer vibes. It has a pretty escape and a refreshing concept that makes the series interesting.

Also, it makes the story wholesome because if you think of it, it is a group of family and friends and a beach house and having the best summer of their lives. It makes me very happy. And not to mention but this series makes me want to go to the beach.

This series is like a breath of fresh air and it makes me happy that it gave good Asian representation in American teen romance shows and movies.

There is no other reason why you shouldn’t watch this amazing TV series. So, get your popcorn. Be cozy as you follow the story of the young summer love of Belly, Conrad, and Jeremiah in The Summer I Turned Pretty. Happy watching!

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