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How to say I love you in other words?

How to say I love you in other words?

Words are so powerful. It can belittle you, encourage you, let you feel a certain feeling and obviously understand an idea. It is used to represent concepts and it allow us to express ourselves anytime we want to. May it be right after we woke up, the time we’re happy, sad and even inlove. Actually, today we are going to know some of the other words to use when saying I love you.

How to say I love you in other words?

There can be lots of ways to express our love to our special someones but, here are some of the alternative words or phrase to use aside from the 143 word.

1. I adore you

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Adoring someone means you are inlove to the person’s actions, looks, personality traits and positive qualities. This has been one of my favorite phrase to say when I’m with the people I love because I adore them wholely like every single thing about them.

These things may be their kindness, their intelligence, physical features, sense of humor, owned values and many more.

2. I’m always here for you

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Receiving this kind of message is nothing but a heart whelming one. As we all know, it is a support statement entailing that someone got your back anytime and anywhere.

This just give lots of comfort especially to someone struggling all throughout the day.

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3. You are my life

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Upon looking for alternative words to use in this article, this phrase caught my attention. It looks like this is so pure and valid to the fact that you’ll cry once hearing this. Also, the phrase seems like it is full of love and commitment as to which someone label you as their own life.

It is really a powerful expression to use yet, one of the most nerve wrecking lines we all wanted.

Now, are you going to use these phrase the next time you let your loved ones know that they are all loved? Please let us know it in the comment sections.

All the love, pals. The ‘I love you’ and mentioned phrases above all matters, so, it is your choice what to use and when to use it.

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