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Weird Filipino Superstitions I learned as a Kid

Weird Filipino Superstitions I learned as a Kid

Filipinos are known to be very superstitious. In every family, lots of different beliefs and superstitions are taught, for sure! There are times where we get surprised being scolded with something we didn’t know in the first place. Most of our grandmothers, moms or even our extended family members tells us a lot of strange things as we grow up.

There are a lot of weird superstitions I learn from my Lolo’s and Lola’s when I was still a child.

While eating, when you drop a utensil someone will arrive. Spoon represents a girl, and a fork is a boy. We’ve all heard this one from our Lolo’s and Lola’s, as well as from our extended relatives. Spoon represents a girl, while fork is for boy. So whenever a utensil drops, for sure you’ll have a visitor or someone will drop off at your home. What’s funnier is that everytime it happens, expect this phrase “May bisita ka, babae.” or “Uy may lalaking darating.” be uttered by someone. Actually, at some point this has already become part of our norm at home.

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Never sleep with wet hair, otherwise: you’ll be insane or lose your mind. Up until now, I always make sure to dry my hair before going to bed. It’s quite funny, but I kind of believe with this superstition. Well, some may agree to me that sleeping with a wet hair is really so bothering. Even if there’s no weird superstition like this, for sure you’ll never go to sleep with a wet hair.

If you get yourself bruises or wound, rice grains will go out on your wounds. I remember myself crying back then whenever I see a wound at any part of my body. It’s because of the fact that I so anxious to see all the food I ate on that specific day going out on my wound. I also remember crying to my mom complaining that I might die if I lose all the food I ate on that day.

Sweeping the floor at night drives away blessings. This indeed is one of the most popular superstition that almost every household follows. Well, I obviously can’t help not to exclude my family. My grandmother always tell me to never sweep at night, because it is the time that the wealth and blessing for our family comes in. 

Never sleep hungy if you don’t want to live forever on a cauldron. Going to bed with an empty stomach is what scares me so much when I was a kid. I even practice drinking so much water before sleeping so that I won’t go sleep walking. I am also afraid to sleep inside a cauldron just like what my Lola says. My mom always scares us with this superstition whenever me and my brother doesn’t want to eat. #WiseMind, indeed.

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If it’s raining on a sunny day, a Tikbalang wedding is happening. This is a very common superstition I would never forget until today. I actually don’t know why my grandma and auntie told me about this. I find it so funny but whenever this happen, I always find myself saying: “May tikbalang nanamang kinakasal.” (LOL)

When you bite your tongue, ask for a letter and that’s someone who’s thinking of you. Growing up, this I guess is the most weirdest superstition I always do till now. Whenever I asked my friends a specific number, this is a sign that a bit my tongue. I find this so stupid but funny at the same time. I actually doesn’t makes sense at all but it won’t cause you anything to try it right? My auntie says that the first person that pops into your head with the corresponding letter from the guven number think about or misses you.

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Actually, these are just some of the weirdest and funniest Filipino superstitions our elders has taught us. There’s nothing wrong believing this superstitions. Because you know what’s funnier? It is the fact that even if it may sound weird to us, yet, we still do and believe on it until now

How about you? Do you have something weird Filipino superstitions in mind? Share and interact with me through the comment section!

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