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Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster: One of the Beauty Market’s Holy Grail

Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster: One of the Beauty Market’s Holy Grail

Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster shades

Looking for a lip product that adds a touch of color while keeping your lips moisturized and glowing? Discover the Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster — your new go-to lip product for a touch of color, ultimate moisture, and a radiant glow!

Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster: One of the Beauty Market’s Holy Grail

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A few months back, this product caught my eye on my For You Page flooded with fantastic reviews.

From what I can see, Ethereal Beauty is a rising local brand present in the business for [now] three years. They offer a variety of lip products, including lip matte stains, minty glosses, velvet creams, and, of course, the star of the show, the lip booster. It was this diverse selection that sparked my interest and prompted me to try one of their makeup.

As someone who loves all things beauty, I simply couldn’t resist trying it out. I purchased one, tested it, and now I’m eager to share my experience with you.

Moreover, as advertised, the lip booster includes mineral oil, sunflower oil, peppermint oil, argan oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E, ensuring moisturized lips after application. And for me, this is what sets this product apart from other lip therapies in the market.

This holy grail comes in a selection of ten sheer shades for your everyday look.

Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster shades

They offer a spectrum of shades, ranging from ‘My Lips But Better‘ (MLBB) tones to shimmer variations. Their first few shades are Ambit (muted almond pink), Oat (burnt brown), Muse (muted pinkish brown), Dew (nude peach), and Misty (baby pink).

In their shimmer collection, you’ll find Timeless with a muted mauve tone with shimmer, and Lover that has a sheer pink shade with shimmer. While their Afterglow shade features a clear gloss with shimmer.

And recently, they added their new shades which are Ivy (sheer mauvish baby pink) and Sultry (sheer brick red). Furthermore, Sultry has gained attention as an affordable alternative to Clinique‘s Black Honey, with some noting similarities in color.

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The Ethereal Beauty Lip Booster works like a lip gloss but softens like a lip balm.

It’s a fusion of lip care and sheer tint in one product. Furthermore, it only has a sheer color, suitable for those who are opting for a natural look. I picked up the Sultry shade in my search for a lip product that has a natural red hue on the lips.

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Another aspect I appreciate about this product is its subtle sweet scent, coupled with a non-sticky and lightweight feel on the lips.

After wearing it throughout the night (as recommended for added lip moisture), I did feel that my lips were well-hydrated. Wearing it made my lips look healthier compared to when I go without any lip product.

One feature I appreciate is the thick applicator, which efficiently picks up a generous amount of product, ensuring ample coverage on the lips. The 5 mL packaging is perfect for a kikay kit, making it convenient to carry and ideal for quick lip touch-ups on the go.

Furthermore, it’s priced at PHP 209, but keep an eye out for occasional sales where you can snag it at an even lower cost. You can easily find them on Shopee and TikTok Shop for convenient accessibility.

When trying a new beauty product, be sure to verify FDA approval for the safety of your skin health. Rest assured, this holy grail is FDA-approved, paraben-free, and cruelty-free!
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