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Theme Ideas for Next Christmas Party in School

Theme Ideas for Next Christmas Party in School


Christmas party is one of the highlights of being a student. Because it’s never always that a whole class gets to organize a mini-event in a classroom. As well as preparing for a small feast, activities, and of course, dressing up according to the theme. Typically, students’ go-to theme is Retro Christmas. Fitting for a Christmas theme for being classic and timeless.

Theme Ideas for Next Christmas Party in School

Christmas Pajama Party

A cozy and comfortable Christmas means wearing your favorite pajamas and eating sweets. But don’t think that this would be only at home because a pajama party can be brought to the classroom. From this, the class does not have to worry about being too casual with their outfits.


The class can make a feast consisting of comfort foods and even put pillows and plushies in the room, too. Moreover, students can prepare for simple activities like a pajama dance party, board games, classic charades, and karaoke!

Nightmare Before Christmas

Filipinos do not only love Christmas, but also the creepy Halloween season. So why not make it a theme for a school Christmas party because that would be entertaining. Go look for inspiration in The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) movie for some decorations in the classroom.

Prepare Halloween costumes that will allow the students to be creative. While classic hide-and-seek and storytelling of creepy encounters on the school campus would do the trick.

Cartoon Characters Celebrating Christmas Party

When talking about Christmas, childhood memories may typically come to mind. A perfect theme for a class to feel nostalgic at the party is to dress up like the iconic cartoon characters. Be your favorite cartoon or even Disney characters.

Prepare foods that are popular in your childhood days. Decorate the classroom with bright colors. Also, play games like the usual children’s party— a trip to Jerusalem, stop dance and bring me. All classic but memorable things to enjoy.

The Christmas Amazing Race

If the class wants a Christmas party that is filled with games, then a team-building-like theme would be the best bet. Try the Christmas Amazing Race where the class is divided into groups, wearing assigned colors of shirts.

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This would be surely outside of the classroom so it needs a wide space to have different stations of challenges. Whoever group wins the fastest, then there would be a prize. While the defeated team will undergo punishment. The suggested idea would be eating something disgusting to bring out more laughter.

Santa’s Got Talent

When the class is known for having talented students, go for Santa’s Got Talent! The idea comes from Got Talent franchise. So, having this for a theme in a Christmas party would be like organizing a talent show too.

The school adviser could act as a judge, then the class can either go for solo, duo, or group performances. Moreover, with this theme, being serious in showcasing talent is not required. Preparing an entertaining performance would be fun to make the party livelier!

Have you been eyeing a specific theme already? Make sure to pitch some of the ideas on the list at the upcoming school Christmas party! Spice up your theme party to maximize enjoyment in the spirit of Christmas!

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