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Gerry Doctora shows limitless creativity through makeup

Gerry Doctora shows limitless creativity through makeup

Gerry Doctora is a Bacolod-based makeup artist. He creates makeup looks inspired by other artists, avant-garde pieces, and everything under the sun

Photo Credits: Instagram

Gerry is an artist with an unlikely canvas

Apart from being a makeup artist, Gerry also dabbles in illustration. Evidently, we see the influences of traditional art in the way he constructs his makeup looks. The focal point of his looks is usually the eyes. With such a quaint space, Gerry is able to create intricate works of art.

For instance, the precise line work he applies to his look is no easy feat. Furthermore, the capability to replicate a symmetrical design is twice as hard. For Gerry, however, no look is impossible. As long as he gets his hands on a couple of brushes and colors. The work will do the talking.

Enter a psychedelic trip when you see his makeup looks

As an artist, be it visual, performing, or any other art form, one needs inspiration. In the case of Gerry Doctora, the inspiration arrives from some of the most random places. Additionally, Gerry also gets inspired by other artists like him. For instance, he has several looks appreciating the art of drag, runway makeup looks, and even paintings by his favorite artists.

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The outputs are nothing short of mesmerizing. Specifically, he creates abstract designs with the most vibrant and clever use of colors. Gerry Doctora shows undeniable talent. What we can be sure of is the fact that Gerry is a true artist in and of himself.

Makeup is for everyone, just ask Gerry.

Creativity is a skill most people just marvel at. Some find it too flamboyant, so they would rather just look instead of trying it. Well, personalities like Gerry Doctora show that creativity is sparked in the most unlikely of places, in the most unlikely of people. In a binary society that imposes so many roles on people, those who tend to break apart from those roles flourish.

Photo Credits: Instagram

As revealed by Gerry and his impeccable skill. A skill would not have seen the light of day had he succumbed to the pressures of the world. However, like most creative minds, he is limitless, and more and more things shall come out of his ideas.

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