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Christmas Special: Difference Among Menudo, Afritada, Kaldereta

Christmas Special: Difference Among Menudo, Afritada, Kaldereta

All around the world, every single Filipino family adheres to our celebration culture. Regardless of the weight of the occasion, Filipinos will celebrate it like a feast. And now that Christmas is underway, I am sure that Filipinos will commemorate beyond normal celebration. In fact, many foreigners believe that no other race enjoys cooking a feast as much as the Filipinos do. Moderately, I observed that Filipinos always served these three enigmatic dishes—Menudo, Afritada, and Kaldereta.

Menudo, Afritada, and Kaldereta have been a staple food for Filipino celebrations for a very long time. However, despite its prominence, many Filipinos still do not know the difference between the three dishes. In fact, one Filipino might find it difficult to identify which among the three dishes is Menudo, Afritada, and Kaldereta. Therefore, to end the confusion among the three dishes, allow me to walk you through them.

Christmas Special: Difference Among Menudo, Afritada, Kaldereta


In the Philippines, Menudo, often referred to as ginamay, is a traditional pork stew. Filipino usually prepare it with potatoes, carrots, and sliced liver. Additionally, they cook it in a tomato-based sauce, and it is best when paired with rice.


Filipinos mainly use chicken flesh in Afritada. The tomato sauce is added after the meat has been braised with vegetables, herbs, and spices. Additionally, Filipinos add pineapple chunks to provide even more pleasantness. Moreover, the recipe also includes bell pepper, potato, and carrot as other ingredients.

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Filipinos usually use goat meat in cooking Kaldereta. However, some variation of the dish uses beef, chicken, or hog. Moreover, aside from the meat, the mashed liver is the selling distinction of Kaldereta. Additionally, Filipinos also add potatoes, carrots, and some add chili for added flavor.

Visual Chart Comparison: The Difference Among Menudo, Afritada, Kaldereta

Edited | Joseph Villena

These three tomato sauce-based stews–Menudo, Afritada, and Kaldereta–are consistently delicious. Also, the above-mentioned classification indeed tells the difference between the three. However, regardless of the differences, all these three dishes represent us, Filipinos. These dishes became our traditional food and function as one an indicator of our nationality. Which of the three dishes is your favorite? Share it with us

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