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What’d you miss on the Multiverse of Madness trailer and poster?

What’d you miss on the Multiverse of Madness trailer and poster?

New footage from the upcoming MCU sequel, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, was shown in a brand new trailer posted on Wednesday, April 6, entitled “Dream.”

The trailer focuses on the nightmarish dreams of Wanda Maximoff or known as Scarlet Witch, and Doctor Stephen Strange. Elizabeth Olsen and Benedict Cumberbatch played these roles, respectively. 

As part of the one-minute clip, fans received their first glimpse at a zombie Wanda and more variations of Doctor Strange. These also include a version of the Sorcerer Supreme with a third eye, which doctor strange say, “Okay.”

In the Sam Raimi-directed sequel to WandaVision, Wanda has to leave her reconstructed family behind after a heartbreaking cliffhanger. However, Billy and Tommy seem to be present in the new trailer. Then, later on, you can see a glimpse of Wanda as a zombie with bright red eyes – as presented in the What If? series.

You will also see Doctor Strange, but a half-dead version of him – also, as presented in the What If? series.

Who is stronger: Dr. Strange or Wanda?

In an interview with FandangoDoctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness director Sam Raimi finally responds to the “who is stronger?” endless debate.

Interview with Fandango, Sam Raimi, the director of Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness, finally answered the million-dollar questions that make fans keep debating. 

His answered: 

“Well, I think Wanda’s magic, from Marvel lore, is more powerful than almost any of the other characters in this picture, but Doctor Strange has the knowledge of the mystic arts that Wanda doesn’t have, and he’s got the help of Kamar-Taj.”

“If you were to pit them against each other, different altered versions of themselves … there could be a Doctor Strange out there that’s more powerful than our Wanda. Or there could be a Wanda out there who is more powerful than our Wanda here. So, because of these altered versions, it’s all a mixed bag of possibilities.”

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So, we guess, the answer to this question may come from the series and the versions played. And, we can only know about it once the movie has finally been released. On the same day, when Marvel released the new trailer, they also shared the five new different posters for the following: iMAX, Dolby, Real D 3D, Screen X, and theaters.

The Multiverse of Madness’s official date is scheduled to be released on May 4, 2022.

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