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Has Marvel Started Filming Spider-Man 3? Here are three proofs

Has Marvel Started Filming Spider-Man 3? Here are three proofs

Marvel has always promised a third installment to Tom Holland‘s Spider-Man. As it becomes one of the most-loved characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans can’t help but piece together several photos and videos that might prove that actors set to start filming soon for the sequel for Far From Home. The movies will also see the return of the popular supporting cast from the previous two movies. This includes ZendayaJacob Batalon, and Marisa Tomei among others.

Has Marvel Started Filming Spider-Man 3? Here are three proofs


Peter Parker himself Tom Holland took a video of himself, expressing his excitement in arriving in Atlanta to begin working on the highly-anticipated movie. He shared it on his Instagram Stories. Of course, Comicbook reposted the video on their Instagram account where Holland literally confirmed where he was and why he was there in less than 10-seconds.

“Okay, so. We just landed in Atlanta and, uh… It’s time for Spider-Man 3! Let’s go!”

Tom Holland | Instagram (June 9, 2019)


Not long after Holland confirms his location for the project, Zendaya follows suit as Just Jared reveals a string of photos of her arriving in Atlanta via a private plane with her entourage. Aside from Zendaya, personnel (more likely from Marvel Studios) also picks her up. Prior to the publication of these images, she has confirmed that she arrived in Atlanta. However, she didn’t mention whether or not it would be for playing MJ in Spider-Man 3.

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Another proof came from the another member of the trio – from Ned Leeds himself, Jacob Batalon. According to a post featuring a before and after photo of the actor from the theinternationalspiderman Instagram account, he lost exactly 102 pounds for the upcoming film. Queries rose, on the other hand, as fans wonder whether or not his weight loss would have any relation towards his character’s story.

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