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Pinoy Celebs’ House Tours: Rated GOALS!

Pinoy Celebs’ House Tours: Rated GOALS!

Vlogging has been a recent trend for celebrities both internationally and locally. And although each has their own content that they want to showcase, there are a few typical contents that most of them release, one of which is a house tour. And, as the Marites that we are, here are some of the Pinoy celebs’ house tours that we could not help but repeatedly re-watch.

Bea Alonzo’s House

The artistry of Bea Alonzo is highly evident in her newly-renovated 3-story house that she showed in her two-part house tour vlog. From the furniture choices she specifically picked to the details of her interior that she knows by heart, Bea really proved that she was present in the entire process of building her dream house. What we could not get over is her outdoor gazebo which temporarily serves as an art studio. Oozing with immaculate vibes, her outdoor gazebo is the perfect spot to really get your creative juices flowing. “Focus on how our home makes us feel” is the advice that Bea left for those who are in the process of making or renovating their own homes.

Kryz Uy and Slater Young’s Sky Pod

Internet’s favorite couple, Kryz Uy and Slater Young are not only #relationshipgoals but are also a big #homeinspo couple. In a vlog posted on Kryz’s channel, they finally opened Skypod to the public’s eye. Skypod has a modern cabin feel and showcases dark blue, black, gold, and grey tones all over. The most unique element of Skypod is, of course, its glass walls used for the entirety of the house, keeping it bright and airy. Each space of Skypod is equally gorgeous, but our favorite is Slater’s “man cave” or the indoor gym. This space is not only accessible from other rooms but also gives a beautiful view of the pool and the outdoors.

Team Kramer’s House

Another definite house goal is Team Kramer‘s newly-finished mountaintop home. This spacious house rocks a modern rustic aesthetic and is adorned by many wood accents that, as mentioned by Doug, are sustainably farmed. Speaking of sustainability, Team Kramer definitely ensured that their forever home is self-sustaining by sourcing solar panels, having a water filtration system, and even growing their own herbs for use! What we adore in this house is how each area was created and designed while keeping the family in mind; starting from the spacious kitchen that can seat 30 people to the in-house cinema, you’ll know that the Kramers take family time seriously.

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Vice Ganda’s Valur

The unkabogable star, of course, deserves an unkabogable house! In a vlog posted on Vice Ganda’s channel, the phenomenal comedian toured her lifelong friends in her newly-finished home. Sporting a modern aesthetic and filled with predominantly black color, this house definitely screams “Vice Ganda.” The most interesting feature of the house, however, is the defining pieces of furniture in the living area, such as the black horse lamp, spinning chair, and standing sofa. Towards the end of the vlog, Vice Ganda could not help but reminisce about her life before getting to live in her new house, proving that she is indeed one of today’s greatest inspirations.

These house tours are sure entertaining to watch. But, much more than the entertainment it provides, what we need to absorb more is the story behind all these gorgeous houses. And hopefully, it’ll inspire us to strive even harder in life.

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